5 fun ideas to spend quality time with your family

In this fast-paced world, where we manage to take time out for almost everything, one thing that often gets neglected is our family. Work, studies and day-to-day activities have all of us so bound that we completely forget what it feels like to spend quality time with our families.

Social media has reduced the amount of face-to-face conversation and real-time interaction with our loved ones. We often end up posting pictures with them, even if we haven’t met them in weeks. But it’s never too late. We’re going to give you fun ideas on how you can spend some quality time with your family (even if you live too far from them).

1. Watch movies and TV shows together

Every family needs some chill time together and what’s better than watching your favorite TV shows and movies with your loved ones? We call it a pure quality time when the whole family sits in front of the TV, shares snacks, watches sitcoms, and laughs their hearts out. And nothing makes it better than having a TV plan that offers enough options to pick and choose from.

If you still haven’t got your hands on a good TV package you can check out the Spectrum Gold Package that offers an amazing channel lineup of more than 200+ channels and the option to access thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows. So prepare a list of all your childhood favorites, classics, and new hits and get started. The best part is that you can always trust cable TV with family-friendly content.

In case you’re living far from your family you can always opt for the group watch option. Several streaming services and apps allow you to watch movies and shows with your friends and family online. You can watch together on Amazon Prime Video Watch, Hulu Watch Party, Sling TV Watch Party, Teleparty, and Scener.

2. Play online games

Get competitive and bring everyone together to play different online games. Living far from your loved ones can make you feel a little lonely sometimes but you can always plan a night full of virtual family games to spend time with them. So pick a date and time, find the best apps that let you play together. You can use Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, or Houseparty to connect with your family members.

Create a link and invite them to your virtual game night. Choose our games beforehand. You can play Heads up, Pictionary, Jackbox games, Wheel of Fortune, Codenames, Bingo, and a lot more. To make it even interesting you can add gifts for the winning team and a penalty for the losing one.

3. Prepare a meal together/ Take a virtual cooking class

Let’s be honest preparing meals with family is fun and convenient. The chores get divided, every person gets a chance to unleash their inner chef and somehow the meal gets prepared in no time. Some might flex on their chopping vegetable skills while some can be good at baking cookies. Either way, the goal is to spend quality time with your family and to make every moment memorable.

You can also begin by taking a virtual cooking class. There are numbers of platforms online that offer help to brush up your kitchen skills. And if you have kids at home you already know how much they love watching stuff and doing it right away.

4. Plan a DIY party

Time to utilize the stuff you have been storing in your backyard for years! Arts and crafts are always a fun activity and can be a great endeavor for families looking forward to spending time together. You can pick ideas from Pinterest or go complete casual and create something out of your own imagination too.

Dedicate a small area for your DIY party, gather up all the utilities including paints, papers, material, and whatever you have. You can make decoration stuff for your home, try your hands on origami, recreate a toy construct paper mosaics, and even turn your family photos into a collage. Be as creative as you can and don’t forget to place your masterpiece on the shelf.

The goal is not to be productive but to spend quality time with your family and to make it interesting for everyone. Education, learning, and creativity are additional perks attached to such activities.

5. Schedule family meetups more often

By far everything has been about fun ideas but don’t you want to continue it in long run? To make sure everyone is on the same page make a schedule keeping in mind the availability of every member of the family and plan such occasions more often. More than managing is about prioritizing family time.

Even if it’s just a Zoom call with your parents or siblings, schedule it and be there when it’s decided. Consider it as a responsibility to put efforts in making family gathering thing.  Plan ahead and make it something every member of the family looks forward to. It’s important to keep the bond alive and take time out of your busy schedules to make people you love the most feel valued.

Wrapping it up

Quality time doesn’t always have to be fancy parties or a grand gesture. Sometimes it could just be sitting together and sharing your thoughts and feelings. Don’t let the distance keep you away from your family. You can always virtually reach them and be there of them with the help of internet connections available at your home.

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