5 Amazing facts you should know about KOSMO One Technology Park

Chennai’s real estate has gone through a massive change ever since the Information Technology boom that has taken over in the past decade. With many tech giants establishing offices in Chennai, naturally, the need for a world-class business center had to pop-up and with the introduction of Indialand Tech Park in Ambattur Industrial Estate we Chennai-ans should feel pride in the fact that our city also has one of the best business towers – KOSMO One!

LEED Rating

People and organizations who care deeply about the impact of their actions on the environment will be proud to know that the Kosmo One In Chennai is Gold level certified project by the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization which is internationally known for green building certification system which ensures the KOSMO One project is done using best practices such as energy savings, water conservation, etc.  There’s no doubt that this is one of the reasons to feel pride about for all of the Tenants of KOSMO One. 

Touch the Sky

Well, if you are someone who loves tall buildings, then you’d love working in the building that’s now known as KOSMO ONE- First skyscraper! With more than 13 functional floors for office space, it is one of the tallest business centers making Kosmo One in Chennai also a rare architectural with gearless elevator technology. These energy-efficient elevators enable the office spaces on a higher floor to take in the awesome view from the top!

Technology Hub

The Design and Structure of KOSMO One are done by giving utmost importance to make it as luxurious and professional as possible. The close attention being paid to the design by the Developer of KOSMO One is what makes it a successful project with demand growing every day to grab the commercial spaces by some of the best technology organizations in the world. It’s no wonder that so many young professionals want to work for companies that have office space in the KOSMO One tower!

Huge Space

When I mentioned earlier that the Kosmo One in Chennai is one of the largest commercial spaces in Chennai, I truly meant it! If you look at Tower A, you will be astonished to know that close to half a million square footage of office space is available and the overall campus is spread across 2 million sq. feet! With so much space available, it should come as no surprise to anyone that our next fact is about the different features of the public space on the campus. 

KOSMO One Amenities

One of the concerns that are always there when we are talking about commercial real estate is related to the security measures undertaken at the campus. The developer has deployed the most advanced Security service of KOSMO One with the right role of human as well as technology-powered digital solutions. Apart from this, the employees working in the KOSMO One premises will be glad to know that is a huge food court, multipurpose hall and plans to open a gymnasium, spa and other public spaces that offer employees an opportunity to relax.

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