4 tips for switching to another energy supplier

Every year a ton of consumers switch to another energy supplier. Switching is smart, because it can save hundreds of euros per year. But what should you pay attention to? Overstappen energie, as it is called in Dutch, can be relatively difficult as there are so many options. Thankfully you will find 4 tips in the article below that will help you when switching to another energy supplier!

Pay attention to the time of the year

It is smart to be aware of the relationship between the switch moment, your final settlement and the term of your old contract. What you pay per month is based on your annual consumption. In the summer you pay relatively too much and in the winter too little. If your old contract runs from October to September and you switch during or after the expensive winter months, there is a good chance that you will pay extra. If you switch after the cheap summer months, it is possible that you will still get money back from your old energy supplier. When the winter months are approaching, it pays to switch as soon as possible. You always use more gas and electricity in winter. If you switch before that time, you can save a lot.

Use comparison sites

Switching to another energy supplier can save you hundreds of euros. To find the best offer, you can use comparison sites. Always visit multiple price comparison sites; the promotions and discounts may differ per website. According to experts, it is best to check the comparison sites on the weekend, when the offers are the sharpest. By using the comparison sites on Saturday or Sunday, you will be able to save even more money by switching to another energy supplier with the help of a comparison site.

Avoid a cancellation penalty

Check your current contract for electricity and/or gas if you can switch without costs. If you want to switch before your contract expires, there are unfortunately often costs involved. These can vary from 50 euros to 125 euros, depending on how long your contract is still running. These amounts also apply to either gas or electricity. If you have both from the same supplier, the fine you will have to pay can be up to 250 euros. Some energy suppliers pay (part of) this fine if you sign a new contract with them.

Go for gas and electricity from the same supplier

It is not mandatory to purchase gas and electricity from the same supplier, but it is often cheaper and because of that, nearly everyone does it anyway. Switching to a new gas or electricity supplier can save you a few bucks after all. The greatest savings can be achieved with ‘dual fuel’ contracts. You purchase gas and electricity from the same supplier. Many promotions and discounts on comparison sites are based on ‘dual fuel’ contracts. By using these promotions and discounts, you will be able to save quite a bit of money on your energy contract.

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