4 Helpful Tips on How to Style the Mother of the Bride

A time will come when your daughter will get married to her partner, and there will be a grand wedding event after getting engaged. You and everyone else involved in the wedding will need extensive planning, from the type of wedding cake to the wedding reception venue. However, you may have other problems to consider, like the outfit you will be wearing during the wedding ceremony.

You can find different styles of mother of the bride dresses and everything else that can be complicated to choose which one will be perfect. It is not all the time that your daughter gets married. Note that there will also be photographs of the entire wedding ceremony, so it is necessary to look your best.

Tip #1: Discussing With the Bride All the Time

The most important tip you have to know is to wait for the bride to choose their dress. It is proper etiquette first to let them decide which wedding gown they want to wear during the wedding ceremony. And once they have finally decided on their wedding gown, the next step is to ask for their opinions.

The bride may have an idea of what they want you to wear, so you have to respect their wishes and ensure it fits their likings. For example, they might get the idea to coordinate your dress with theirs or want everyone to wear a specific colour. Whatever their preference, you have to follow and make sure the wedding ceremony goes how they envisioned it to be.

Tip #2: Highlighting Your Favourable Assets

It means not showing off too much skin but accentuating the best parts of your body. You can find several styles of mother of the bride dresses that will fit on your body perfectly and ensure it highlights your body’s assets. There is nothing terrible with showing off your assets, as long as you do not show too much of it.

If you have long, slender legs, it would be best to find a dress with a slit that can show them off whenever you walk. You can also find a dress that can fully accentuate your curvy waistline. As long as the bride agrees with the wedding outfit that you choose and that you like, you should wear and take pictures with it with confidence.

Tip #3: Mixing and Matching Other Colour Patterns

When your bride has no specific colour that they want you to wear, maybe you can try to mix and match specific wedding-themed colours. Most of the time, gold and maroon is the best colour for a mother of the bride’s dress, since the colour usually relates to that of a queen. However, you can also try to experiment with other colour shades to make your dress stand out when standing in the altar area.

Tip #4: Paying Attention to the Tiniest Detail

Some mother’s get so meticulous about their daughter’s wedding dress that they forget to take care of their own. You want your dress to look as perfect as possible, so you have to remove even the tiniest imperfection like an extra thread popping out of the seams.

Make sure you remember the tips mentioned above if you want to look for the perfect dress. Doing so will save you a lifetime of regret because you wore the wrong outfit to your daughter’s wedding ceremony.

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