3 Things To Ask Your Employer Before Accepting a New Job

Being accepted for a new job is an incredible feat that you should be proud of. The promise of a salary at the end of the month, especially if you’ve been job hunting for a while, should feel like a relief. However, your salary isn’t the only thing that you should consider before accepting a new job offer.

Signing an employment agreement means you have to adhere to the company’s existing health insurance plan, work schedule, among other policies. It also implies that you have to give your job your best as you work with your new boss, co-workers, and other company associates.

The last thing you should expect is to quit your new job after a few weeks because you don’t like the work atmosphere or you found out something unsettling about the work policy.

Experts from Pathrise recommend asking your employer the following three things before accepting a new job:

What Are Your Daily Job Responsibilities

Many companies or individual employers don’t usually state everything involved in job roles to avoid scaring you off. In most cases, job descriptions can be extremely vague.

It’s essential to ask the hiring manager the right questions about your daily job responsibilities before accepting the offer. This way, you will ensure the job you’re about to take is something you can accomplish effectively.

Enquire About the Benefits Package

You must ask about the benefits package to ensure there are no surprises after you get started.

If you’re not clear on what benefits you should expect, consider creating a profile on Pathrise. Pathrise offers training and advice on how you can land your next job as well as what to expect.

All the same, let’s take a look at some employee benefits and the questions you need to ask for each:

Health Insurance Plan

  1. When am I eligible for health insurance benefits after I start working?
  2. Who is your insurance provider?
  3. Does the insurance plan include dental and vision coverage?
  4. Which monthly premium portion am I responsible for?
  5. Is the company responsible for a portion of the family premium?
  6. What’s the expected yearly deductible?

Sick Days and Vacation Time

  1. Do you offer sick days? And how many do I receive annually?
  2. Do you offer paid vacation time? And how much time do I receive annually?
  3. Will my unused vacation time roll over to the following years?

401K Program

  1. Does the company have a 401K program?
  2. After how long am I eligible to make 401K contributions?
  3. What are my 401K investment options?

Ask How Long the Employees in Your Role Last

The duration people last in your role is vital to know before accepting a new job offer. If your predecessor left to look for greener pastures, that’s great. However, if the employer keeps hiring for the same position several times a year, take it as a red flag.

Workplace politics, lack of growth, demanding schedules, poor management, and a bad boss could be causing the turnover. If you feel that the hiring manager is hiding something about your predecessor and the reason for the vacancy, then check the online reviews from former employees.

The Bottom Line

Asking your employer the right questions before accepting their job offer shows your confidence and value as an employee. So be sure to read a job offer keenly and ask the three things mentioned above before accepting a new job.

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