3 Surefire Ways New Dentists Can Gain Patients

You’ve just opened your latest practice as new dentists. But one big challenge that you need to overcome is building and keeping a list of patients who will keep coming back.

How do you gain enough trust in your community so they will hear about you? How can you do great online marketing for dentists so people in your target area can find you?

Here are three easy ways that new dentists can build their list of patients that will stay loyal to them.

  1. Offer Specials for New Dentist Patients

You can advertise these special deals through social media posts and stories or direct mail brochure ads that are sent to potential clients in your practice’s area. Direct mail could work particularly well for building a base of new patients. This is because people respond to these new patient discounts within 30 days 38% of the time.

People love finding great deals, especially when it comes to taking care of their dental health. While the messages and specials can look different, you want to advertise them in a way that will make your practice seem more affordable and cost-effective than other local competitors.

  1. Promote Your Dental Practice in Your Community

Sending ads both on- and offline can be beneficial, but if you are looking for a more direct way to promote your new dental practice, then you need to appear active within the local community. You can do this by sponsoring a local youth team, volunteering time at a school, or adopting a local charitable cause that locals will want to donate to.

This gives any potential patients a great impression of your practice and also let both sides engage in word-of-mouth marketing. This will make your dental practice more credible since it gets recommended by family and friends.

  1. Make Your Dentistry Website SEO-Friendly

These days, there is no better way to market your business or dental practice than by using the internet to your advantage.

If you are looking for strategies to improve dentist internet marketing, then using SEO services like TheHOTH can help you build a great strategy for online marketing for dentists. They can help you do this through services like:

  • Content creation
  • General SEO and local SEO
  • PPC campaigns for a target area

By doing this, you will make your practice’s website more likely to get seen when people are searching for new dentistry to take their services.

Grow Your Patient List — Even as New Dentists

As new dentists, it is important to build a loyal base of new patients that will find better value and trust in your practice than other places trying to grow a dental practice. While the path to building trust as a reliable practice is not very simple, by using the above tips, you will help your dental practice stand out from other ones in your target area.

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