The fixation with the physical body is unquenchable. While the media used to promote the concept of a slender body, this has resulted in several body image concerns among young women and a rise in the market for slimming goods. But today, the perfect body is healthy. Size doesn’t matter as much as fitness. People today strive to integrate a regular fitness routine into their lives or switch to a healthy diet. This shift in focus has brought fitness products and activewear to the forefront. The new ideals of the body encourage a more positive outlook towards physical beauty and are all-inclusive. A welcome trend of these new ideas is the plus size women’s activewear. Activewear refers to apparel like sports bras, yoga pants, gym tights, running shoes and dance leggings. Plus, size activewear focuses on comfort and breathability while reflecting the latest styles in activewear.

Activewear is the staple outfit for all types of fitness activities, from yoga to HIIT sessions. These outfits are not only functional but also stylish. Several social media influencers turn to activewear when featuring in their videos or posts. Activewear brings out the body’s silhouette, flattering the curves for a glamorous finish.

There is specific activewear apparel for every fitness activity.


Plus, women’s activewear bottoms come in varying lengths, from shorts to tights. Running or gym shorts for women come with a curved hem. They usually come a little above the mid-thigh region. They are usually made of thick but breathable material and don’t stick to the skin, allowing for freedom of movement. Another type of shorts come in lycra fabric and do stick to the skin but are flexible enough for fluid movement.

Yoga pants also come in two types: loose around the legs and ones that stick. The former type usually comes with a laced waist and flares over the legs, narrowing near the ankles. The second type of yoga pants come in a stretchable fabric like lycra or spandex and end over the ankles. These pants allow for flexibility of movement to pull off the complex yoga postures and asanas.

Track pants are some of the first forms of activewear. They usually come in pairs with track tops or jackets. Track pants come in natural and comfortable fabrics that resist chafing and allow ample airflow inside. Dance leggings are also a form of activewear, quite famous on social media. These leggings can either end over the ankle or end in layers below the ankle. They stick to the legs, amplifying their shape and have trendy designs and patterns that reflect contemporary urban styles.


Plus size women’s activewear tops include singlets, crop tops, tank tops and t-shirts. Singlets look like regular gym wear, with half-sleeves and round or V-necks. Crop tops come in an array of designs ranging from racerback, sports bra, halterneck, full-sleeves to zip-ups and lace-ups. They also come in flashy colour combinations like grey and neon orange. Tank tops usually come in stretchable material like lycra, sticking to the body’s curves. It allows for flexibility while providing comfort and is sweatproof. Active t-shirts come with a collar like polo t-shirts. They are usually paired with track pants, though they are also available separately.

Shoes and Other Accessories

Shoes are probably the most important component of activewear, as they bear the brunt of the activity. From dancing to running, the shoes provide maximum support for the movement. Active shoes usually come with extra thick soles that lessen the impact of jumping or other strenuous activity. They provide comfort and protection to the feet, ensuring minimal chances of accidents.

Stores that sell plus size women’s activewear also sell extraneous accessories like caps, yoga mats, gloves and braces.

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