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12 Reasons to Translate Your Digital Content 

People from all over the world visit websites in their language every day, but not everyone speaks English. Even if it’s a globalized world, some countries still speak more than one language and have more than one native language. You can imagine it as a large barrier between you and your visitors from these countries. Those companies which understand how the translation and localization of web content can eliminate the language barrier and make their websites accessible to non-native English speakers will beat the competition on the local markets. 

Nowadays, it has become easier for businesses when we’re talking about social media or marketing. Here are the reasons for translating your digital content.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Your blog or social media account may not be visible in all countries around the world. By translating your content into other languages, you will increase your chances of reaching consumers in other parts of the world. 

2. Increase Web Traffic

If people can’t understand your content because you write in a language they won’t buy your products, thus you’re missing out on clients and website visitors. If you want to have clients all over the world, you need to translate the content for them, so they can understand your offers..

3. Increase Online Sales

Once many more people become aware of your brand and get hooked by what you say, this should spill over into increased conversions and thus increase your sales. In general, companies that sell products or services to people in other countries have a bigger success rate when they use social media. Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with new customers and keeping in touch with existing ones.

4. Improve SEO

Search engines always look for ways to give searchers the best and most accurate results. One of these ways is to translate websites into languages relevant to searchers looking for that information in their native languages.

This not only helps increase your website’s reach but also lets search engines bring you closer to people who are more likely to visit your website because they’re already searching for products/services similar to what you provide. The more visitors your website gets, the higher chance it has of being noticed by Google or other search engines so they can place it on the first page, which means more organic traffic!

Keywords in articles on different languages may vary, some content may need more keywords than others. That is why when we are speaking about translation, it’s better to think about SEO beforehand, and research the keywords needed for a particular language. But if your post ranks highly for a particular keyword, then translating the content means more people will find it that way rather than searching for it by its English name.

5. Use Translations as Additional Material

If you’re passionate about what you do, you probably have a lot to say about it. You might even have been asked questions in person or through email, which you’ve never written about before. Why not use the translations as another way of answering those questions? Or, if there is something exciting happening in one country that your readers may be interested in, then translate that into their language, people will share it with friends, thus you will have more potential clients.

6. Target Different Search Engines

Each country has its version of Google and other search engines. In some cases, translating your content can help you rank higher for certain keywords depending on the language people are searching. Although this isn’t always true, there are opportunities when people from different countries search for something related to your blog post. 

7. Increase Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to customer service, speaking in the consumer’s native language often helps. If not, they are at least more likely to be patient when you’re trying to find a solution for them when they can understand what you’re saying. As an online business owner, this is good news because there will be less chance of bad reviews or losing customers in general.

8. Increase Your Reach

With social media and blogging becoming more popular worldwide, it makes sense for companies with global audiences to translate their content into other languages. The chances of reaching out to someone who could become your next customer are much higher if you go where they are rather than expecting them to come looking for your blog posts. This might be in the form of different social media networks or even in national news, which could go viral.

9. Use for PR Opportunities

Wouldn’t it be great if a major broadcaster covered your post with millions of viewers? If you can provide translated versions of your blog posts, there is a chance this will happen. It might not always go to plan, though, because what makes good content can vary from country to country. Even so, it’s wise to keep tabs on who publishes similar content about your industry and create translated versions just in case they want to feature yours too.

10. Reach Out with Direct Mail Campaigns

While social media is fantastic for reaching out to people with access to the internet, you can utilize online language translation services to reach out to people through the post. Again, the chances are higher if you write something in their native language rather than English because not everyone speaks fluent English, even though it’s pretty common worldwide.

11. Easier Reaching Out to Other Bloggers

Blogging is becoming more popular each year, and there are now international communities that focus on sharing knowledge, views or just having fun online. The easiest way into these communities is by reaching out with blog posts written in the authors’ mother tongue so they can understand what you’re trying to say.

12. You Can Help a Lot of People With Your Translation

By translating your digital content into other languages, you’re helping people who are looking for information in their native language while respecting their culture at the same time. This can increase sales conversions by showing respect to each one of them individually since their personal experience counts towards conversions!

Final Thought

In the article there were the most important reasons why you need to translate your digital content. Nowadays, for a business, it’s not an option but an essential part of the marketing strategy. 

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