What is GreenBox?

Many consumers these days are looking for responsible products and brands, and it’s fair to say that GreenBox UK falls into this remit. As a wellness store, the focus is on the customer (and always has been!). These days, many people in the UK take medication for pain relief, stress relief, and other reasons. However, many problems exist with this:

  • It’s easy to become reliant on medication
  • We don’t know exactly what pills and other medications contain
  • Painkillers and other medications harm the planet

Therefore, GreenBox is on a mission to correct all three of these problems. Rather than becoming reliant on manufactured medication, it offers natural and plant-based products designed to achieve the same goals. Since products are plant-based, it’s better for the body and you don’t need to worry about hidden ingredients. What’s more, the products themselves are healthier for the body and the beautiful planet on which we live.

Just in case this wasn’t enough, GreenBox helps with various initiatives to help our planet and ensure that future generations get to enjoy it as we have. As an example, GreenBox uses sustainable packaging materials (you won’t place an order only to find that it comes with endless amounts of plastic packaging!). Furthermore, the brand is also carbon negative so doesn’t place a strain on the environment in any regard.

The Story

How did GreenBox form? Instead of a huge corporation spotting a gap in the market, it was an organic development where the founders learned about CBD products. They learned how the products helped to restore, calm, and more. Over time, the founders investigated this niche more closely and found all sorts of botanicals that people used many centuries ago but have fallen from the limelight since.

As a result, the founders soon launched GreenBox with a passion to bring these natural products back to the forefront of modern thinking. They want plant-based wellness to provide a healthy alternative to those who want to protect their bodies (and the planet!).

Companies Promises

Before looking at the products, you may want to know about the promises GreenBox made when first entering the market. Firstly, it promises to sell vegan-friendly, plant-based products. With this in mind, all products are sourced sustainably and offer various benefits for the body and mind. Fortunately, this means no mineral oils, artificial flavours, palm oil, preservatives, parabens, or other nasties.

Elsewhere, the company is carbon negative and works with BeZero Carbon to offset 50% more carbon emissions than it produces. Along similar lines, GreenBox is also capturing the attention of audiences all over the world because of its sustainable packaging. Not only is packaging free from plastic, but it’s also plant-based, recyclable, and biodegradable.

Other promises include high quality, a loyalty program (GreenPoints), and free delivery within 48 hours (if you spend over £30 on products).

Leading Products

When asking ‘what is GreenBox?’, one of the best insights comes with the products. Head onto the homepage of the website and GreenBox asks whether you need products for the following:

  • Immunity
  • Stress
  • Energy and focus
  • Sleep
  • Skin
  • Joint and muscle

Click on one of the links and you’ll see products for this purpose. This includes body care, drinks, CBD oils, hemp oils, vitamin gummies, skincare, and supplements. All CBD products are tested in a laboratory, and this means that you’re ensured of high quality as well as safety. You can visit this site to know about drivhus .

What’s GreenBox UK?

A reliable, sustainable, responsible retailer offering CBD and other plant-based products. Good for the planet, good for the body, and great for overall wellness!

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