Suggestions for cannabis use and or cannabis extract for pain relief

Before using cannabis and or cannabis extracts for medical use, anesthetists or healthcare professionals

The following issues must be taken into account:

  • Be careful about the law
  • Take a history taking, physical examination and diagnose the type of pain
  • Assess the patient’s risk factors, such as the patient’s history of drug use or psychotropic drugs. Depressed patient or have mood swings heart disease patient Patients with cerebrovascular disease.
  • Assess attitudes about the medical use of cannabis or cannabis extracts.
  • Must inform the patient about the potential benefits and risks. as well as should be recorded and signed letter of acknowledgment and consent to receive treatment.
  • Consult a medical cannabis expert for advice on cannabis strains (high CBD kaufen, THC low) Method of drug administration, proper dosage determination (aware of the lack of oversight and consistency of Herb).
  • There must be an effective monitoring and evaluation system, including:
  • species/species
  • frequency of use
  • how long it takes
  • Targeted symptoms
  • Drugs or other substances used together
  • Regularly monitor and assess drug levels in the urine
  • Regularly monitor and evaluate the achievement of treatment goals
  • Reconsider the treatment if the risk is found. even a little
  • Cancel the treatment plan If it does not help the benefit of treatment or found resistance to the substance or substance used no security.

Additional Comments on Medical Marijuana Use including contraindications, concerns, and cautions

  1. According to research evidence, the use of cannabinoids has an additive and counterproductive effect on the use of anesthesia and enhance the effect of muscle relaxant drugs, which results in a change in the depth of anesthesia Possible recovery from medication slow anesthesia (delayed emergence).
  2. Be aware of interactions between drugs used together. especially in patients with chronic liver disease because cannabinoids use enzymes concomitantly with many drugs and damage to the liver may increase or decrease the effect of other drugs and may increased levels of cannabinoids in the body can cause side effects.
  3. The use of CBD kaufen is not recommended for initiating (first-line drug) pain, both acute and delayed. Chronic neuropathic pain due to lack of supporting evidence for neuropathic pain recommended for use in the treatment with good pain relievers but still have pain and explain the benefits and risks before using them.

Suggestions on Marijuana Use Policy

Royal College of Anesthesiologists of Thailand agree with the use of medical marijuana in 4 diseases (at Department of Medicine) With limited evidence, studies should be conducted on the benefits, indications for use. and complications and side effects before using cannabis for medical use Reference documents.

Royal College of Family Medicine of Thailand

A family medicine doctor in the primary health care system is a doctor who works at the front line of the service system health Take care of people’s health from the beginning. and continuous care will have a duty to provide services to patients who use medicinal cannabis. Both are receiving medical marijuana according to different levels of conditions according to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health by a licensed physicianor provide consultation and other related services to patients, their families, and people in the area of ​​government responsibility.

College of Family Medicine of Thailand ready to support family medicine physicians in caring for patients; and Collaborate in research with other networks to bring about safer and more effective ways of using medical marijuana to good health of Thai people. So anyone can use CBD kaufen for pain release with permission.

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