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Should you buy followers to grow your Instagram?

Instagram is being used by millions of people globally. Thus, growing on Instagram for a new account is very difficult. Sometimes, despite implementing all available growth methods, you may not see results quickly. This can be very damaging in the big brands entering Instagram to promote brand visibility and reach a broader audience base. Therefore, under such conditions, companies may decide to buy Instagram followers. However, is this the right call? Let’s find out.

Buying followers: the advantages

Buy followers through Famoid, which provides honest and active Instagram followers to the buyer. You will not only gain followers, but you will also gain likes and engagement on your profile. Buying followers can provide a specific boost to your account and bring it on the map of Instagram. However, suppose your followers do not engage with your content. In that case, Instagram will not see them as active followers and will not promote your content. However, when you purchase followers through Famoid, they will engage with your content because Famoid provides followers who are already interested in your content. This way, your engagement will increase, and Instagram will also promote your content, allowing you to grow faster.

Furthermore, when your account is new, people may come across your account but seeing that you have 10 or 20 followers, they may not follow you. However, suppose your new account has 20,000 followers. In that case, your account will be viewed as an established account, and you will be considered as someone who knows the content. This would increase your follower count. Check out how to get more followers on social media.

Once you have over 10,000 followers, it will also activate the swipe-up feature in case of stories. Swipe up allows addition of links to stories. This is an innovative way to reach more followers.

The disadvantages of buying Instagram followers

If you buy followers from cheap sites, there is a chance that those followers will never engage with your content. If such followers do not engage with your content, Instagram will remove the accounts it feels are non-authentic. You will not only lose your followers in this manner; you will also not receive any engagement from such people. This will keep Instagram from promoting your content and showing it to a broad audience. Thus, your chance to grow on Instagram will have a severe negative impact.

If Instagram feels that the followers have been purchased or are boards, your account may even be suspended. Therefore, it is not worth buying followers from cheap and unverified websites.

How to buy Instagram followers?

You can use the services of Famoid to buy followers for your Instagram account. Alternatively, you can also visit this site for more following services and tips. Remember to protect your account. If you decide to purchase followers, go for companies that do not require your password or login information. Only supplying the link to your post and profile username should be enough. If they are asking for login information, you should not proceed further.

Growing organically

There are many ways to grow organically. It will take longer, but it is possible.

  • Create a strong visual impact
  • Make sure your com captions are compelling
  • Add hashtags
  • Make sure to comment and like posts that have similar hashtags to yours
  • Promote your posts in your stories
  • Cross-promote Instagram posts on other social media platforms
  • Add a link to your Instagram on other social networks
  • Add your Instagram profile link to your website

Building an organic following will need you to invest a lot of time, but it is worthwhile for the future.

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