Reasons why Startups should not ignore Sticker Marketing

Congratulations on following your passion, and starting your own business! That is a huge step to take and you want to make sure it pays off. In your research, you have probably come across many different marketing strategies and numerous tips and tricks to spread the word about your new business. 

In this article, we want to introduce you to an alternative to your typical marketing strategies: sticker marketing. Yes, we are talking about the little adhesive-backed pieces of paper or plastic every one of us has probably collected as a child. 

But there is much more to stickers than entertainment or cuteness. We will talk you through the benefits your startup can experience when using stickers for your marketing, reaching from return on investment to generating visibility and creating brand ambassadors. Sounds good? Then let us jump straight in. 

A low-cost option 

Especially when you are just starting out, your budget can be limited. However, this does not have to limit your marketing efforts. Stickers are a great way to get the most out of your budget. 

Most sticker printers charge per material used, regardless of the number of colors used or the shape of your stickers. This means, when you buy stickers in bulk, they can come to only a few pennies per sticker. 

Looking at this price per unit, you are almost guaranteed a positive return, making custom stickers a very low-risk investment – perfect for testing the waters. 

Get the most out of them 

On top of that, stickers are incredibly versatile. You can not only pick your ideal shape and size, but can also choose from a wide range of materials. 

This allows you to use your stickers for numerous applications. Do you have your brand logo ready to go? Then get it printed on biodegradable paper and add it to your packaging. Or invest in large transparent stickers to brand your storefront. Maybe you want to release a limited edition range? Premium holographic labels can help you communicate that to your customers. 

The beauty of custom stickers is that you are in full control over the materials used, the design itself and even the shape and size of your sticker. This way you can ensure that you will find your perfect stickers. 

The power of gifts 

Now, we are tapping into the true power of custom stickers. As already mentioned, stickers are incredibly cost-effective which makes them the perfect addition to every order or purchase. 

By giving away free stickers, you are evoking a psychological reaction that can help you forge positive associations with your business. When given at the right moment, stickers are not seen as advertising. Instead, we tend to perceive them as a gift. 

Gift-giving is an established marketing strategy because it plays with the rule of reciprocity. This describes how, upon receiving a gift, we feel the subconscious need to return to favor. In this case, this can take the shape of a purchase, a recommendation or a post on social media. 

Moreover, gifts ignite positive emotions and are an amazing way to create brand loyalty. Such feelings not only enhance the possibility of a repeat purchase, but also increase the likelihood of your customers actually using your stickers. With your logo being used as a phone or a laptop sticker, this not only generates exposure for your business, but turns your customers into brand ambassadors, for free! 

Explore offline channels 

Digital marketing creates amazing opportunities for new businesses, and you should absolutely reap the rewards of SEO. However, digital spaces can sometimes be over-saturated. Through adding stickers to your existing marketing efforts you can easily fill additional channels. 

While customers can be less receptive to online advertising, offline marketing offers a way to catch them off-guard where there are fewer competitors or distractions. 

Guerrilla marketing is the ideal way to explore this option. Such campaigns center on non-traditional marketing strategies, which aim to expose potential customers to your brand and generate awareness and familiarity. Again, you do not need a huge budget to realize guerrilla campaigns. Instead, these strategies depend on time, energy and creativity. 

With stickers, you can engineer a guerrilla marketing campaign easily. They allow you to cover a lot of ground with your logo or brand message quickly. If this sounds like something you would like to try, we recommend using vinyl stickers like the ones you can find here, as they give your campaign the longest life-span.

And this is why you should not ignore sticker marketing! We hope you found these tips helpful and are ready to get started straight away. We would love to see your creations or hear your questions in the comments below. 

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