How to Grow a Clothing Brand in the eCommerce Era

Do you want to run a popular clothing brand in the eCommerce era? Considering how fruitful clothing and fashion industries are, many entrepreneurs invest in scaling clothing brands. Even before the start of the coronavirus, the fashion industry has grown and conquered an international market easily. Today you don’t have to break a sweat to run a clothing brand due to the internet’s accessibility.

However, online clothing brands tend to face many threats and difficulties. Even though the eCommerce era provides customers with much more than just an online shopping location, brands get more competitors that way. If you want to succeed and remain profitable, you need to know how to grow your brand!

1. Choose sales channels that matter

To reach a growing and expansion stage of your business, you first need to choose adequate sales channels that will support you on your journey. This depends on your audience and target market therefore researching available sales channels will help you reach new customers and expand a business.

If you’re ready to scale your brand, besides your original channel of choice, consider some of the eCommerce platforms or social media that will help you get your brand out there and expand your reach. Don’t forget to adapt your content to the market and your target audience when mixing and/or changing sales channels!

2. Keep up with the industry trends

The fashion and clothing industries revolve around trends. Even though you can sell unique pieces and create extravagant combinations, you still need to keep up with the industry trends to stay relevant in the market. Follow the latest fashion and technology trends to continuously evolve your business and reach your full potential. How can you predict trends?

Research the previous trends that affected your niche and try to come up with the next possible steps that will be the future craze. Like digital sizing options and online shopping experience, technology and fashion go hand in hand when it comes to eCommerce.

3. Consider cross-selling and up-selling

Salespeople use different techniques to motivate potential buyers to purchase the product. Even though digital shopping doesn’t involve direct human interaction, you can still use some marketing techniques to sell more. Consider using cross-selling and up-selling on your digital platforms to create a complete experience for your customers and scale your sales. How is that done?

Cross-selling motivates and calls customers to purchase complementary or similar items. Therefore, with a cute t-shirt, you can create a complementary offer of jeans, pants, accessories, or other items. On the other hand, up-selling invites customers to choose a same-category product but with high-end features. Use them wisely!

4. Create a personalized experience

Originality has been one of the biggest trends in the last couple of years. Clothing brands that were able to follow up and provide a unique and personalized experience for their customers grew significantly. So, if you want to achieve the same, you should provide your customers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience? How is that done when most things already exist?

Allow customers to contribute to the clothing creation process! Besides being fun and engaging, partnering up with made to order clothing manufacturers provides freedom and style to shine. Customers will be able to express their individuality and you will grow your brand by offering fantastic shopping and delivery experience.

5. Embrace inclusivity

Body positivity and inclusivity have never been more important than today. The Twiggy’s phase is passed behind us, and while all bodies are beautiful, not many brands cater to different body types! Be among the rare who will embrace inclusivity and create clothing that will be suitable for different body types.

In addition to sizes, ensure your models also portray different bodies, sizes, and colors. Besides bodies, you can help prevent ageism by selling clothes for mature women. Don’t forget about disabled individuals and release a collection that will suit whoever likes to wear trendy clothes!

6. Optimize web content

In the end, to grow your business you’ll need to optimize your web pages and content. SEO optimization was one of the top priorities for businesses in the last 5 years. Now, to reach better engagement and increase traffic to your website, you need to optimize your content and tailor it to the target audience. What kind of content should you use?

Like most things in marketing, the type of content you should create depends on your target audience. Stay active on social media and see what type of interactions your customers usually need. Create your unique strategy and engage with your customers using all the digital sources you have available.

Final thoughts

In the eCommerce era growing a clothing brand is more difficult due to so much competition. However, these tips will help you scale your business and achieve the wanted results over time. Be consistent and continuously work on developing your strategies to notice the real results!  


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