Fashion Clothing Advice For The Mature Woman

There is a misconception when it comes to older women that once they reach 40 years or older, they no longer have an interest in their style or fashionable clothing.

But the real reasons why many mature women abandon fashion has more to do with that they cannot find clothing that suits them or makes them feel good about themselves. But there are many ways that women over the age of 40 can revive their wardrobes without looking inappropriate or tacky.

Keep reading to find out more about the top advice on fashionable clothing for older women.

What Not To Wear

There are certain items of clothing that can make mature woman look dated and frumpy. If you have any of these garments in your wardrobe, throw them out immediately:

  • Ankle length, A-line, unstructured skirts
  • Floral printed floor-length dresses
  • Unstructured suits and pants
  • Elastic-waist pants
  • Oversized, large t-shirts
  • Jumper-style shapeless dresses (usually made of jean or khaki material)
  • Mauve or khaki-colored grandma flats
  • Sweaters with appliques or embroidery

Now you can start the process of rebuilding or revamping your wardrobe. The easiest way to start is to go monochromatic. This means that you should only be wearing one of the simple colors such as white, khaki, black, green, red, or blue (at a time). Don’t worry if you think this look is boring since monochromatic outfits are slimming and give off a classic look.

Fashion Clothing For Women Over 60

When you look at famous women that are over the age of 60 like Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, or Susan Sarandon, you may notice that they keep patterns to a bare minimum and they usually wear more solid colors. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be wearing patterns. But when you wear an outfit with patterns, keep it consistent and simple.

Focus On A Great Accessory

Many older women make the mistake of wearing too much jewelry. You should rather wear one piece that stands out at a time. We also recommend investing in a few trendy accessories. When you maintain a basic wardrobe, it is easy to add a trendy accessory without appearing like you are trying to look younger. Stores like Forever 21, Target, Zara, H&M, and Mango are excellent places to shop for affordable accessories.

Denim Looks Fabulous On Mature Women

Just to clarify, this doesn’t include the hootchie mama, low-rise denim jeans. A good pair of wide-leg, straight-leg, or trouser-cut jeans look fantastic on an older woman. If you are slightly larger around your bottom area, go for the boot cut or trouser cut jeans. The flare in this style helps to draw the attention away from the mid-section and it can make you appear slightly taller.

You should also look for jeans that have a minimum of 2% spandex/lycra content. This allows the garment to stretch slightly so that it fits you and to control any problematic areas.

Wear More Colors

If you want to become a “seasoned fashionista” you shouldn’t leave your color-wheel behind just because you have gotten a bit older. If you are blessed with a darker tone, you are fortunate since you can get away with just about any of the vibrant bright colors. If you have a fairer skin tone and you don’t want to look washed out, choose your eye color as this is usually universally flattering.

Over 60 Style Checklist

Here is a list of items that you can easily use as your building-blocks to create your new wardrobe:

  • Dark wash jeans in your preferred cut (no embellishments).
  • White, crisp button-down tops.
  • Inexpensive, trendy scarves and necklaces.
  • Lightweight tunics.
  • Tailored pants in a light fabric like rayon or cotton (black). Again look for a pair of pants with a bit of lycra/spandex content, as this can help with controlling any problematic areas.
  • For a skirt, look for an A-line or straight cut that ends just below your knee.
  • Fitted (but not too tight) tanks and t-shirts to wear under a blazer.
  • Choose footwear with a very slight heel. Loafers or well-fitted sandals are one of the best choices since they are easy to wear.

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