How High-speed Internet Benefits Small Businesses

The internet has become a necessity for businesses, making significant differences in employee and customer satisfaction as well as bottom lines. All businesses can see these significant differences when they switch to faster internet. If you are unsure about upgrading, think about these potential benefits of making the upgrade.

It Improves Employee Productivity

Many businesses now rely on employees having great access to the internet. They are typically more dependent on the internet than on most other services in their offices. A slow or poor internet connection slows down applications and software which can lead to a significant performance and productivity hit.

Slow internet can lead to issues accessing the SaaS, emails, and internet searches that many businesses rely on. Even a slowdown of a few seconds per task can add up to minutes a day and hours a week. High-speed internet eliminates these issues while also enabling multitasking and collaboration.

It Improves Cloud Services Access

Many businesses rely on applications and software that upload and download a lot of data. These are typically cloud storage and remote data storage applications. Those that are typically affected and thus made unusable by slow internet include customer relation management software, SaaS, and financial processing software. If these services are critical for your business, you need faster internet service.

A dedicated fiber line could serve your business greatly. While some businesses can do well with 250 Mbps speeds, some need up to 1 GIG for multiple employees. Regardless, the fiber internet services from Gateway Fiber are a great option for your business because they let you choose your speeds with no throttling or data caps.

It Makes You Seem More Professional and Reliable

Your business starts looking unprofessional and unreliable if clients cannot trust that you can process data from your CRM quickly or have reliable VoIP calls with your business. Slow loading times that impact business processes due to slow internet speeds are a business killer. They act as a barrier to entry and to doing business. They also hinder you from leveraging tech that could help you serve your customers better.

It Can Reduce Business Costs

The hidden charge of slow internet access is the loss of efficiency and productivity that typically accompanies it. Both are a result of things slowing down due to slow internet access. Top-speed applications like VoIP and SaaS apps that make employees more efficient and productive are an option that businesses with slow internet connections do not have access to.

Supporting Remote Work

Remote employees will need access to your business servers if they need to use the software installed on them. You need fast internet connections to enable this and to reduce the perceived effect lag and distance have on their access to your servers.

Reduced Stress

The expectation of fast internet services in the office is one of the reasons people get stressed when they have to work with slow internet. They see they are not getting anything done or get frustrated because they have to wait for things to load.

Fast internet speeds are a requirement for modern businesses that rely on the internet, cloud services, or remote access. Remove the bottleneck introduced by slow speeds by switching to faster internet.

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