How Adding Bonuses to Your Offer Makes It More Irresistible

Naturally, every business owner would like to grow the company more and more and raise the sales as much as possible. Now, there are ways and ways to do things. But, precisely, that is the reason why some businesses are on the losing side.

Usually, what has happened in the background is that those businesses failed to achieve their mission and fulfill the customer’s needs. This is because companies are all about people and being good at people.

Why being good at people is so important for a business owner? Because to be successful and get recognized, one has to fulfill the clients’ needs, and in order to do so, one needs to know its own clients.

The goal here is to make an irresistible offer relying on the benefits a service or a product will bring to one so that the client will feel the urge to try your offer before your competitor’s.

In many cases, the bonuses that go with the base of the service or the product are the one thing that has successfully caught the customer’s attention.

Cases have been seen between two similar businesses that offer the same service under the same conditions. For example, one of the businesses has a bonus offer, and the customer chooses the business with the bonus offer over the one without.

For example, suppose you’ll have to choose between two online casino sites, and both of them offer an extraordinary number of online games. Aside from that, let’s say one of the online casino sites has a bonus code just like this PlayOjo bonus code, while the other has only regular tournaments to offer. Which one would you choose?

Why a Free Bonus Offer Is That Powerful?

The bonus shouldn’t be used as only the last resort if one cannot market a specific product correctly or if the product isn’t of quality so let’s put a bonus deal with it and increase the sales.

That is a big no-no. If you intend to work more than a few months and actually build something worthy, I’d recommend you work on creating a bond with your customers, looking at them as a family and not as one-time buyers.

Now, if you’re using the bonus deal on a product of excellent quality and you just want the sales to go up a bit, that’s totally fine. Just be aware of pairing the initial product off with a complementing bonus product or service.


The catch with the freebies is that you should give something that you would still be able to sell in normal conditions, which holds real value. The catch isn’t to just give away random stuff that holds no real value but to increase the value of your current offer so that it beats the competitors’ offer.

Another way one can use the bonus feature is to pair it with items already on promotion so people would feel more encouraged to buy stuff during early promotion days. In this way, you can strengthen the current offer. Perhaps some buyers would actually be more interested in the bonus item rather than the original item on the offer.

Types of Bonuses

You get to choose from two types of bonuses: the related bonus and the unrelated bonus. This may depend quite a lot on your free bonus and whether or not you have multiple bonuses offers on disposal. So let’s go over these two bonus types so you can decide which one is the better fit for you.

The Unrelated Bonus

This kind of bonus deal would feature an item that isn’t closely related to the product or service you’re matching it with. Now, you’ve surely seen at some large retail markets an offer for every purchase over $100, and if there is a specific product purchased at the same time, the buyer will be gifted a shopping bag. That’s a classic example of the unrelated bonus deal. For such offers to work, one needs to have something that will be useful to the customers.

The Related Bonus

Let’s explain this bonus type throughout an example. So, your offer is that if the customer buys an SPF, he’ll get after-sun lotion. Now, with these offers, you’re assuming that if the buyer is interested in the base item, he’ll also be interested in the bonus item and will appreciate the great offer.

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