Fantasy Cricket

If you are an Indian, you would definitely understand the importance that cricket holds in our lives. Every street has kids wanting to play cricket and aspiring to become a cricketer. Cricket is beyond just a sport in India. When there is a cricket match going on, the majority of the households have their TVs turned on, and anxious faces and bitten nails watch it. 

Despite the terror of Covid-19, people did not refrain from watching a live match in the stadium, in huge crowds. This excitement amongst people for just watching the game can be enhanced as fans can now, with the help of technology, earn money while watching a cricket match. Don’t get us wrong – it’s not about illegal betting or sattabaazi. This is about the new trend of Fantasy Cricket, which can help you win and earn money while watching your favorite sport.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

You must have seen the recent advertisements on television about various sites for playing fantasy sports, all of which are promoted by popular international cricket players. Basically, these applications are about fantasy cricket tips

The concept revolving around these applications is that they allow you to create a desirable cricket team on your own, with 11 players on the playing squad and three players as substitutes; thus making a team of 14 players. There should be a balance between the players chosen. Choosing only the best players would not seem realistic.

Fans have to understand the game, observe it, and observe the performance of each player playing. Then, they have to choose the players, predicting their performance prior to a match or a tournament, in a way that they can get the maximum points.

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose a good sports website for your online activities. Aside from the fact that these websites can be your personal cheerleaders and assistants when it comes to betting, the internet is also the best place to meet with other enthusiasts. If you are planning on participating in a local sports event or match, you can get an idea of the popularity of the team and players through this resource. On the basis of the cricket updates get the cricket match tips to predict results which assist you to win bet.

How Do I Earn Points?

Once you have chosen all the players, you only have to wait and watch for the match to progress. As the match goes on, based on their performance, each player is awarded with certain points. These points are shown on the application and each participant of fantasy cricket can see how many points their chosen players have earned. These points are also added to the participants’ score. The participants who get the highest points eventually win and are awarded with cash prizes, as well as other perks.

How Can I Earn Prizes Through Fantasy Cricket?

If you’re thinking that Fantasy Cricket is all about luck, then you are wrong. Because luck is just a slight factor that comes into play. However, it is more about observation and experience that you can apply while making your dream team. So, you can have a wider scope for earning cash prizes. The participants who score the highest points on the table are awarded handsome cash prizes. Not only that but there are also small leagues and contests which keep taking place, in which you can win. The participants can also form teams and these teams can compete with each other in the different leagues going on, on the platform. Along with the players you can also bet on the result of the game.

And one guaranteed prize that you would get is the fun and refreshment that you would feel by communicating with other players and trying your hand at something new.


Fantasy Cricket is the new black for cricket, and you should try it out if you love this sport. It may involve financial risks and may also be addictive, so be careful about that. If you have more queries, let us know in the comments section below.

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