7 Ways Cloud Tech Is Revolutionizing the Digital Marketing Domain

There is a very dismal chance that anyone is unaware of Cloud Technology and how it has revolutionized the tech space and benefited businesses across all verticals.

Cloud Tech, in an easy language, enables storing and access of data over the internet instead of on a local hard drive. This allows any industry or business to utilize the benefits of software and IT infrastructure, without making large investments in purchasing and maintaining infrastructure themselves. 

Digital Marketing is one such domain that has benefited immensely from Cloud Tech. If you are someone from the Digital Marketing industry and are yet to benefit from Cloud Tech integration, here are 7 ways how you can.

  • Powerful Analytical tools

Digital Marketing is all about using online digital technologies and platforms to market a product or service to its target audience. This involves analysis of data, its organization, meaningful evaluation, forecasting and then implementation. 

The first step is data analysis. But in this age of mind boggling data around us, a lot of confusion also ensues to be able to use correct tools to analyze relevant data.

Cloud Tech offers powerful analytical tools to digital marketers which helps them to gain important and actionable insight. For instance, there are many cloud-based marketing automation tools, lead management tools, CRM tools and many more which can be used by digital marketers to understand their target audience accurately and in making effective marketing strategies. 

  • Reliable infrastructure, more space

Availability of space is a considerable necessity as well as a challenge for digital marketers. They have voluminous client data which consists of high-resolution pictures, videos, audios, graphics and animations, etc. Storing such huge data on their system is problematic on many fronts. There can be processing delays and lags, chances of system failure resulting in loss of valuable data and security issues.  

By shifting data to Cloud, a lot of personal space can be freed which can be used elsewhere more productively. 

  • Easy access to data and better collaboration

The data stored on Cloud can be accessed from anywhere using any device compatible with the storage infrastructure. It makes it very convenient for digital marketers as they collect and share data from different places such as social media platforms, various analytical tools, digital campaigns and other different sources. 

It also becomes easy for them to share and exchange the data with their clients which they need to do very often. The data stored on the cloud can be shared directly with clients, which they can assess on a real-time basis. It saves a lot of time and energy over monotonous tasks.

Owing to the increased prevalence and acceptance of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and BYOD (Bring Your Own Technology) in workplaces, Cloud Tech makes the mobility of marketers easy by enabling them to access marketing data from their own devices anywhere. This saves time, resources and facilitates better collaboration between teams.  

  • Enhanced Data Security 

Protecting their clients’ and other important data is a major responsibility and concern for Digital Marketers. And if this data is poorly protected, potentially sensitive client data can either be lost or exposed to cybersecurity threats. 

A data disaster can occur mainly due to three reasons: human error like accidental deletion or modification, cybercriminals and integration issues with third-party apps. Cloud computing helps greatly in overcoming these issues.

With cloud tech, changes made in data are saved on a real-time basis. The data exchanged between the client and digital marketer or between any designated group is end-to-end encrypted in the cloud. This enhances data security and lessens the possibility of data breaches significantly. 

  • Optimum costing

Cloud Tech offers organizations an option to choose a “pay as you consume” delivery model. This allows digital marketing companies to reduce expenditure on IT infrastructures such as hardware, utilities, facilities and a data center. They also do not need large teams to handle cloud operations, as this can be outsourced to the cloud provider.

The dynamic needs of digital marketing companies can be catered to by Cloud Computing. Due to this scalability of Cloud Tech, the companies can utilize cloud space by their growth in business, resulting in savings in cost.

Digital Marketing Companies can use these resources to invest in other areas for business growth such as in making digital strategy and SEO.

  • Facilitates engaging and quality content 

In digital marketing, content is the driving force to attract and engage visitors, enable them to make an informed purchase decision and eventually convert into a sale. But again, in times when content is superfluous, it is imperative to identify and generate quality content. 

Various analytical tools of Cloud tech can help a digital marketer to identify the best-performing content. This can help them to greatly understand how customers interact with content and how they can further finetune their content strategy to their benefit.

  • Creativity And Innovation

A good amount of money, resources and substantial time is saved by cutting down on many tasks which can be done in an efficient manner using Cloud Tech. This saved money and resources can in turn be utilized on other essential aspects such as devising innovative marketing strategies and outreach programs.

The time saved can be used to develop and foster a culture of creativity in the organization which is essential to the concept of marketing.

In Conclusion

We discussed the ways how Cloud Tech can enable a digital marketer like you to connect and engage with potential customers in a more meaningful way. Cost and resources optimization, easy access to data, availability of more space and reliable infrastructure, data security and an overall creative environment are some of the other important benefits. 

1 and 1 together make 11. The same can be said when Digital Marketing joins hands with Cloud Tech and the outcome is nothing but revolutionary.

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