6 Financial Factors to Keep in Mind When Starting Your Medical Practice

Starting your medical practice is a step that demands a lot of consideration. However, the final output will bring in great profit and enable you to achieve your desired lifestyle and wealth-building objective. Running your own business can be daunting, so you must get ready and get the best expert advice. 

A significant consideration to make when starting your medical practice is financial stability. As much as opening your medical practice is exciting, it can also be expensive and complicated. Fortunately, financial aids are being offered by banks and other lenders. 

In this article, we will discuss known financial healthcare business matters to consider when building a medical practice. These tips apply to all medical practitioners, whether physical therapists, mental health professionals, orthodontists, dentists, or even internists. 

  • Buying or Renting the Property for Your Practice. 

Deciding on whether you should buy property for the practice or rent a space should be among the first decisions you make when starting your medical practice. Renting will benefit you with flexibility and not having to pay high monthly costs. However, going for owner-occupied commercial real estate is more beneficial for an established business. 

Buying real estate allows for flexibility. The business owner can decide to leverage the owner-occupied commercial real estate and make a lot of profit. Many entrepreneurs have known this secret and prefer buying property than renting. 

  • Method of Financing.

Before you decide on the best financing method, determine the amount of money you need to start the business. The amount of money you need depends on the location of practice, required equipment, employee salaries, and many more factors. Once you’ve figured out the amount of cash you need, you can now proceed to choose a financing method that is ideal for you. 

You can go for a big money lender like a bank. Consider choosing a lender that is knowledgeable and experienced in the medical practice field. You can use practices like private equity or ask for a hand from family and friends. 

Like in this case of starting a medical practice, you can choose to apply for a medical practice loan. A practice loan is a type of business financing loan available to doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, and veterinarians. You can use the cash from practice loans to buy up-to-date equipment, pay employees, or improve infrastructure. 

Other forms of financing include SBA medical loans, alternative funding, and traditional financing. 

  • Partner Buy-Outs.

For partner buy-outs, you buy an existing place from a partner who needs to retire or relocate. This practice is widespread in the medicine world. The main advantage of purchasing an already existing site is that the business is already established. Everything runs as usual, so there is no need to worry about start-up funds. There are also established relationships with the suppliers. 

As much as you’re buying an already existing place that is fully operational, there are still several specifics you should work through. Do your homework and make sure everything is in place. You need to check if everything is still up-to-date. A professional lender can help you work out some of the required updates and other essential considerations before lending you the business loan. 

  • Commercial Credit Cards.

A commercial credit card can help you manage your practice’s finances. This method of financing allows you to cover unexpected everyday expenses and business costs. Commercial credit cards also help you reduce the endless paperwork by way of way flexible billing options. 

Other uses of commercial credit cards include:

  • Providing management reports to directly record-keeping.
  • It can act as a purchasing card, thereby reducing office administration. 
  • Assist with tax preparation. 
  • Equipment Loans. 

Whether big or small, all medical practices need equipment. Equipment loans are loans that help business owners purchase equipment that generally would be pricey. Since many lenders view healthcare-related business as essential resources, most lenders won’t hesitate to lend equipment loans. 

Just like choosing between renting or buying property for your practice, you also have to know how to fund your equipment needs. You can choose between buying or leasing, which both offer different benefits. Go for an experienced lender who knows financing sources for equipment needs. 

  • Lines of Credit. 

For many entrepreneurs and medical practice owners, there comes a time when purchases need to be done in a pinch. During these moments, lines of credit are ideal. Most professionals view lines of credit as an easy insurance policy.

Lines of credit would be handy in instances where essential equipment needs fast repair or when transitioning billers.


A stable financial ground is a great necessity to build a thriving medical practice. The above factors should guide you and help you make an informed decision. Choosing the proper funding method is critical. Make sure you consult money lenders who are well-knowledgeable in the medical practice.

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