5 Best Crypto Online Games That Help You Make Money

The number of crypto games has been growing exponentially over the years and many people are getting hooked to this new genre of online games. The allure of the crypto games can be attributed to the fact that not only it can keep you entertained for hours, it can also be a new source of income just like the games in TBSBet.

Today, we curated the top five best cryptocurrency games on the market. If you are planning to engage yourself in the world of crypto games, you can start choosing from one of these games.


Binemon is one of the rising NFT games on the planet and it runs on the Binance network of blockchains. Like any form of NFT games, the players are given a chance to breed and nurture a virtual pet called Mons and let them engage in battles with other Mons and reap rewards.

The players can choose between two battle modes, the PVP or player versus player, the other is PVE or player versus the environment. Aside from the Mons, players can also collect items such as skins and other collectibles.

Axie Infinity

One of the successful NFT games in recent history is Axie Infinity and it is the first game that utilizes the Ethereum network. Developed by a Vietnamese game company Sky Mavis, it has accumulated millions of users around the world and is deemed as the most popular NFT game at the moment.

Out of all NFT games that use a virtual pet game premise, Axie Infinity is the closest thing players can have to a Pokemon game, where players can build a team of creatures to battle with other teams. The virtual pets are known as Axies, creatures that are based on real life amphibians called Axolotl.

It is only a matter of time before games like this will be available in betting platforms like ไทย สล็อต 88.


Illuvium is basically like your typical role-playing game except that it runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. Players can explore the Open World game where they can engage in beatles, join a quest, and boost their ranks throughout the game.

The game also has virtual creatures called NFT Illuvial that you can upgrade with new skills and battle with other creatures.


Decentraland is a crypto game that is similar to other virtual reality games like Sims and Minecraft. Within the game, players can make avatars, explore lands, collect in-game currency and purchase items or a piece of real-estate.

This game is one of the pioneers of games that are building a metaverse. Players can enjoy virtual reality experiences and trade cryptocurrency in blockchain networks.

The Sandbox

Aside from Decentraland, The Sandbox has been one of the pioneers in building the industry of metaverse blockchain. Players can collect in-game currency and use them to trade virtual lands with other players.

Just like Minecraft, players can explore worlds filled with landscapes made up of blocks. They can also monetize the contents of their game by trading lands and items and also finish tasks within the game.

One of the gimmicks of Sandbox is that they announced that they only have limited virtual space of 166,464 which will force players to strive to own a land within the game. However, players can only do that by using the token called SAND to purchase items and pieces of real-estate.


The success of the NFT games can be attributed to the openness of individuals to expand their horizons by trying out something novel. Aside from what we mentioned above, we are certain that there will be more NFT games that wil emerge in the future.

The beauty of crypto games can be credited to its dual purpose of providing not just casual entertainment but also income to the players as well just like Slot TH.

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