4 Great Practices to Kick Off 2022

It’s a brand-new year, many of us are returning to work after one of the longest breaks all year. The 2 big December holidays – Christmas and New Year – means that most business experience their longest break at this time, even if not everyone celebrates Christmas.

The new year is usually a time where people start to form new, good habits, set goals for themselves, and try new things. We spoke with TechQuarters, an IT company in London, about making changes in the new year.

Forming habits & practices

New Year’s resolutions are usually known as goals that are quickly deserted. TechQuarters believes that the best way to keep a New Year’s resolution is to form the habit as early as possible – for example, if your New Year’s resolution is to exercise more, you should try to start exercising every day until the habit is established. We spoke to TechQuarters, a London IT Support Company in the UK, about ways to use technology to stick to your new routines and they said there are many apps you can download to track your progress.

Brand new habits usually take around 90 days to form, and existing habits can take as much as 180 days to change. If you are looking to form new habits, try to start small, so that it is easier to commit to them.

Below, are 4 popular and highly beneficial practices you can consider for 2022.

1. Find New Routines

Many people find themselves slipping into routines that they don’t like. This might be waking up late in the mornings or going to bed late at night; perhaps you skip lunches at work, or spend your evenings watching TV whilst neglecting your chores. For people who work from home, like those in IT Support for example, sticking to routines is super important to maintain balance.

2. Keep Yourself Active

Health and fitness are one of the most popular and widely cited New Year’s resolutions in the world, and it is definitely a worthwhile pursuit. It doesn’t have to be early morning workouts or 5K runs every evening; in fact, TechQuarters recommends that you start small – for example, you can set activity reminders during your workday. Doing little bits of activity frequently makes a lot of difference. There are some useful apps you can install on your phone or PC to give you notifications that remind you to get up and stretch, or even do a short workout.

3. Assist Your Focus

Focus and concentration is a skill that needs regular development. If you feel that you have trouble with your focus, you are definitely not alone. TechQuarters, who provide trusted IT Managed Services London based businesses use, says there are a lot of apps and software that can assist your focus in different ways. You may appreciate an app that restricts access to distracting apps or websites; or perhaps you’d prefer an app that establishes periods of focus to motivate you, whilst also including regular short breaks, giving you time to relax.

4. Make Time For Yourself

With the uptick of working from home, there is a thinner line between work and personal time for many people. Therefore, it is important make sure you’ve got free time for yourself. This is a harder resolution to quantify, but it also helps reinforce them. For instance, improving your focus and concentration can help you get more out of your time, and do things more efficiently. Developing new routines might include waking up earlier and doing things for yourself in the morning, like reading a book, or taking time to savor your morning coffee. Making time for yourself on a day-to-day basis can improve your quality of life greatly, so it’s a great practice to work on in 2022.

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