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Certifications are one of the few things recruiter look for in the curriculum vitae of a candidate while recruiting. Certificates are the cost effective, time saving proofs of the talent, knowledge and skill of a candidate, beneficial to the recruiter, validated by a third party. Certifications can be availed in every single field that a human mind can think of. Recently, the IT sector and network security field have seen maximum growth that has also been reflected in the certifications dealing with the said fields. The certifications one can get in the field of network security are Security +, Network +, CompTIA, CISM, etc.

The CompTIA certification is one of the most sought certifications in the security field as well as networking realm. 

Requirements: – The minimum requirements a candidate must possess the following minimum requirement to be eligible for appearing the CompTIA Network Plus certification examination.

  • Experience in CompTIA job practice areas is advisable
  • Submission of the application form for the certification examination of CompTIA and the dedicated fees.

Syllabus: – The certification test revolves around many a concept that needs to be mastered in order to come out with flying colours. The concepts include:- management and governance of IT, information systems operations and system resilience, information system auditing process, and information systems, acquisition, development and implementation. These are the main themes of the certification test syllabus that include many underlying operations that a candidate have an in – depth knowledge of.

Cost of the CompTIA test: – The members of CompTIA organization have some special benefits over the non-members. To name some of them free access to journals, reading and training material, etc. Members of the community of CompTIA have the upper hand when it comes to certification costs. The members have to pay only USD $ 575 only whereas the non-members have to pay USD $ 760.

Total number of questions: – The CompTIA certification test consists of a total of 150 questions in all which have to attempt the most possible number of questions correctly to increase the chances of one’s availing the certification.

Duration: – The CompTIA certification test runs for only 4 hours. Within this said period, the candidate is expected to answer all the 150 questions

Difficulty level: – The certification test of CompTIA has been deemed pretty easier in comparison to other examinations / certifications of the same cadre.

Passing score: – As the difficulty level of the questions is easy, the score for passing this certification test is quite high. A candidate requires attaining around approximately 95%. That counts to more than 135 correct answers in order to achieve the certificate.

Validity:- Similar to other certificates provided by authorities, the CompTIA certification can be used as a an achievement in the resume for three years; at the end of which it expires and must be renewed to continue getting and enjoying its benefits.

Renewal: – The candidate may choose to take the exam again in order to renew the validity of his or her CompTIA certificate. Alternatively, he or she may prefer to obtain CPEs as mentioned in the ISACA rules for CompTIA certification (Continuing Professional Education) credit hours in order to extend the certification’s validity according to the mandate provided by the ISACA.

Average salary of an employee with the CompTIA certification: – The salary limits within which a CompTIA certified professional is usually paid is from USD $ 52, 000 – USD $ 120, 000; the average salary of CompTIA certified employee ranges around USD $ 100, 000. The salaries are prone to differences of location and organization and are just an estimate of the pay-scale.

Job posts that can be achieved easily after getting a CompTIA certification are:-

  • Internal audit professional
  • Information technology auditor
  • Information security manager
  • Information security analysis professional
  • Senior information technology auditor
  • Internal auditing manager
  • Chief information security officer

The future of a candidate can be improved with a CompTIA certification if he or she is aiming for Information, security field officers like analysts and auditors, etc. From the above observations, the certificate can be deemed as cost efficient and can be availed with sincere and regular effort. CompTIA certification details and the career options associated with it have all been discussed above with clear facts. 

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