Why is UPSC the toughest exam?

UPSC exams or Civil Services Exam is no doubt one of the toughest exams. However, there are several misconceptions related to this prestigious exam as well. For these misconceptions, the aspirants sometimes get discouraged while going through the preparation process.

Though the UPSC exam is a very tough exam, proper guidance and well-planned preparation can help you to crack this exam with ease. In this process, UPSC online coaching is also really helpful.

Which can make this exam really tough for the aspirants?

Here is a list of some crucial points that can make the UPSC exam really tough.

1. The pattern of the exam

Aspirants sometimes become discouraged by looking at the entire exam pattern of the Civil services exam conducted by the UPSC board of India. This examination procedure has three stages of examination that can be conducted for nearly one year.

However, this also means that the candidates will be able to get enough time to prepare themselves according to those three stages of the exam. Also, the syllabus does not change throughout all those three stages of exams.

Only the types of questions and answers change. To know about those different patterns, you can always get enough help from the UPSC online coaching sites.

2. Huge volume of syllabus

Another major concern of the candidates of the UPSC exams is that the volume of the syllabus of this exam is really huge and scary. They get discouraged easily by thinking that they need to keep studying all day to complete that syllabus.

First, you have to study hard for the UPSC prelims and mains exams and lastly for the personality test. Actually, the syllabus is huge, but it is similar for all those three stages of the entire examination process.

3. Cannot be predicted

Of course, the questions of this examination are actually unpredictable but not uncertain. They’ll ask you questions from many subjects, but all of those will be within the syllabus provided by the UPSC board.

If you carefully practice a big number of those UPSC questions papers of the previous years, you’ll be exam ready before the examination date. Also, if you go through the newspapers, you will be able to face the examination with proper confidence.

4. Not for the students of small town

Many aspirants who are from the small towns or villages sometimes feel left out while believing that they have some faults in their preparation and cannot compete with their city friends. Though it is true that the students residing in cities can easily get numerous books and magazines, the wide use of the internet also is making the life of the village students much easier nowadays.

5. Preparing early

There are some aspirants who believe that they have to start their preparation for the Civil Services exam at a very early age. They believe that if they cannot start their preparation during their school days, they will not be able to crack the exam. However, this is not the truth.

Though it is better to start early, that does not prove that it is the only way of becoming successful. If you seriously prepare for this exam, there is still enough time for you. In this case, UPSC online coaching can prove to be a reliable partner as well.

So, these misconceptions are making the UPSC exam really tough. However, preventing these issues from happening and getting help from UPSC online coaching can help you a lot in successfully cracking the exam.

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