Why Every Business Needs To Build A Strong Brand: 7 Benefits Of Branding


Many owners, founders, and CEOs fail to realize that there is a difference between running a business and building a brand.

It is true that one is incompatible without the other, but building a brand helps a business sustain, endure and grow over the long run.

Building a brand means more than just engaging in the day-to-day operations of a business. Sales, revenues, and marketing analytics are always important, but branding involves a set of strategies, whose intent is different.

In an age of cut-throat competitions, aggressive pricing strategies, and similar offerings, how are you going to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

The answer is through Branding!

According to Bennet Schwartz, branding is more than just hiring a top designer and working on your custom logo design. It is more than just following social media hygiene, or engaging in SEO strategies.

In this article, we are going to look at the seven major benefits of branding for a business organization. If you are someone that is looking to improve your branding, this article will help you.

List of 7 Major Benefits of Branding for Business Organizations

  1. Recognition from your Target Audiences-

Your brand colors, the kind of communication you undertake, or the viral social media posts that you share, are all ways and means of helping customers recognize your brand. A customer needs to be able to differentiate and get attracted to your brand. Branding helps you set yourself apart from all your competitors in a business niche. Attractiveness and familiarity are what great branding helps in achieving.

  1. Builds Loyalty for the Business-

Every business wants to have a set of loyal customers that they can depend on for repeat sales and purchases. Why do we keep buying from Amazon, or Target, or even Costco? We do that because the branding of the business has become so familiar to our understanding that we do not think of anything else. Excellent products, value-for-money pricing, and service are essential to help branding achieve customer loyalty.

  1. Gives Marketing and Advertising a sense of purpose and direction-

Creating the right marketing strategies is a major challenge for most businesses. Pushing products and services cannot be the be-all and end-all of your marketing. Branding allows marketing to get streamlined and communicate the personality of the brand by aligning it with its product offerings. Once the foundation has been laid through branding, marketing can take it forward on offline and online channels.

  1. Branding makes New Product Launches with traction and identification-

Every time a successful brand launches a new product, it depends or relies upon its existing brand symbols. Think of how brands like M&Ms use the small chocolates as characters for announcing anything new that they are bringing. This automatically builds identification, familiarity and draws value from the respect that brand symbols and icons have already built. The same goes for Vodafone’s Zoo-Zoo figurines in markets like India.

  1. Generates Trust and Credibility for a Business Organization-

This is simple. People are not going to buy from you unless you have been able to establish trust and credibility. Not only does great branding help a business establish trust and credibility within its business niche (among competitors, vendors, and other stakeholders), but also with the customers. For a business, both are equally important. Everyone wants to work with a great brand. Likewise, everyone wants to buy from a great brand.

  1. Helps you get the Best Employees and Talent to work for you-

Branding serves many purposes. This aspect of branding is not spoken off enough. You want good employees and teams to build successful businesses. Attracting them means ensuring that you are coming across as a ‘brand’. Employees always prefer working with a brand that is respected, well-known, and has visibility in an industry. They feel that this would help their career growth and allow them to be a part of a great organization.

  1. Ensures Meaningful Continuity in Business Organizations-

A brand represents a set of values, customs, working cultures, and personalities. Newer entrants that get to work for the brand need to understand what it stands for. Important elements with how the brand promoted customers’ interests over and above everything can channel employees to understand how they need to focus their energies in the right manner. Branding helps establish human and emotional bonds that endure long after.

The Bottom Line

As a business, you need to make sure that your branding is on point. Again, branding is not something that you are going to achieve in one day. It is a process, more like a journey than a destination. Optimizing it incrementally will help you establish a brand over the long term. Whether it is for driving sales or promoting business goodwill, you need branding. As Jeff Bezos once said- ‘A brand is what people say about your business when you are not in the room

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