Many films and series show cigars, often portrayed in English salons, enjoying a beautiful Chesterfield chair, in set skins. On the other hand, the cigar is gently pressed between the fingers, and with the other, the whiskey tastes better. Of course, smoking is a real celebration. Lovers and acquaintances wrap it under their fingers, smell it, and enjoy it … This starts with its selection and continues in its heat. For the most experienced professionals, all take part in Procigar the Dominican cigar game.

To get the most out of this fun time, look for different types of tobacco on the market. So find a good one and learn to buy tobacco the right way.

Anatomy of tobacco

Cigars, regardless of their size and type, are composed of three consecutively named parts; tripe, binder, and wrapper.

Journey means the real heart of tobacco. This is where the whole scent is covered. This is made possible by a skillful combination of three parts of the leaf. The base of the tobacco stem, called Volado, ensures adequate heat for the tobacco when lit. Then we find Seco found in the middle part of the plant. All the flavors are here. Finally, the formation of tobacco is possible through the use of high-quality tobacco leaf. It’s called Ligero!

Next comes the binder. This second skin, or hood, protects the locks inside the entire scent and ensures its safety. It may contain one or two pages. The techniques vary depending on the torcedores.

The coating is the outer cover of the cigar, and is designed to secure the binder and filling. Moreover, he is the one who will give the visible appearance of the cigarette. Of course, depending on its color, aesthetics vary. It is customary to see clear pages of lightweight and very dark or dark wrappers, to show off a strong aroma.

What types of tobacco are there today?

There are many cigarettes on the market and in the world. In order to differentiate, it is possible to group them according to different methods.

This term refers to the shape of a cigarette and refers to its size, diameter, shape, and weight:

  • Panetela: Both classic and Gran, these models are thin so they smoke quickly. Their size rotates between 110 and 120 mm, with a ring of 26.
  • Corona: It is very popular due to its short taste (30 minutes) and its size is available to all (between 140 and 150 mm). In this family, we will also find Petit Corona, also known as Mareva. It has a reduced size, about 129 mm. The Gran Corona is long, with a ring larger than 44.
  • Churchill: Complex, a Churchill module designed for beginners who wish to enjoy this time of long vacation. Measuring 178 mm, for 47 rings and wrapped in 1h / 1h30. 
  • Robusto: With a strong and intense aroma, this module usually smokes within 45 minutes. 
  • Belicoso: Originally from Spain, it measures 140 mm and has a large ring of 52. Its main shape is the end of the pyramid. Belicoso lovers can enjoy it for about 1 hour.
  • Pyramids: Its pointed shape, like the head of a shell, distinguishes it from other cigarettes. Generally, 152 mm long and having 52 rings, its taste is strong.

How to choose them?

In order to choose the best type of tobacco that is right for you, it is interesting to know the different types that can guide your decision.

First of all, you need to know what strength you are interested in. Depending on the size of the module, the amount of tobacco will vary. The larger the module, the greater the hardness. If you want smoky smoke, go for a good  Cigars | SBFMC. The power of tobacco also depends on the amount of nicotine available. The color of the leaves has no effect on this scale. 

The aroma may depend on the source of the product. True, Cubans are known to be very good, but troublesome. Those from Honduras and Nicaragua will be fragrant and satiated. Tobacco produced in the Dominican Republic has the potential for sweetness. Ideal for lovers of light cigars on the lips.

The tasting time will not be the same. The Coronas, for example, can smoke in 30 minutes, perfect for leisure time with friends. Know how to see tobacco properly stored. Check that it is not too hard or too wet. Also, make sure that this one does not get wet and that the carpet does not come off.

Where to buy tobacco? (Free, cigar cellar, online order)

It is possible to buy tobacco in many places. The most important thing is to do it in the basement. Of course, you will be able to benefit from wise and passionate marketing advice. Because of their expertise, they will be able to guide you in the best way. Depending on your interests, they may also introduce you to new products to enrich your mouth. Its fun to go straight to the store, when shopping from a third party. With a little knowledge, you can offer cigarettes that are sure to please!

From a financial point of view, Free Duty is to be commended. At the airport, you will have the same option as the store in front of the store. Here, the financial structure will be the best form of choice. You can buy your favorite cigarette, or let yourself be tempted to overdose modules at home! It can also be an original souvenir for those around you.

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