Which Items Require Climate Controlled Storage?

Are you looking for some reliable way to free up your home space? Then storing your items in climate-controlled storage would be a good idea rather than keeping them in the self-storage unit. It not only clears up space but is also helpful to keep your valuable and beloved items secure and in good condition compared to the basement or garage. Do you know many things in your home require keeping them in a climate-controlled unit to avoid harsh environmental conditions like temperature and humidity?

In this article, you’ll get to know about such items to keep in storage. So, let’s dive into them without any further pause.

List of Items to Keep in Climate Controlled Storage

Here is the list of items to keep in storage:

#1. Household Appliances

The electronic and mechanical household parts are susceptible to scorching and cold temperatures. These conditions can damage appliances permanently by causing rusting and cracking. Mild and mildew can also grow in the inner workings due to humidity. So if you’re living in a country facing these climatic issues, you should think about renting a climate-controlled unit for your microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, washers and dryers, and refrigerators. Store your household & business items with Seattle sodo leader.

#2. Leather and Wooden Furniture

Both wooden and leather furniture are sensitive to climate change. Expansion and contraction of wood take place due to environmental changes. Similarly, leather is mainly exposed to humidity variations, and it can wrap, shrink, and warp out when not stored properly.

#3. Important Paperwork and Photographs

Tax files, photographs, and other necessary paperwork could become unreadable on decaying. So keep them properly in the climate-controlled storage unit.

#4. Clothing

No doubt, your clothes are usually safe in standard storage units at your homes, but clothes made of leather, lace, fur, and other delicate materials are not safe there. You undoubtedly desire the unit should be temperature controlled in which you’re storing clothes.

#5. Artwork and Antiques

There are chances of damaging your paintings by moisture and mold. Antiques are more susceptible to humidity. This humidity proves to be very dangerous as it may cause cracking, warping, or rusting. So it would be best if you placed your valuable paintings and antiques in a climate-controlled storage unit.

#6. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments mainly contain wood or electronics, so storing them in a moist environment will cause unrepairable damage.

#7. Other Items

There are also other items to keep in storage except for those mentioned above:

  • Metal items sensitive to rusting
  • Bedding materials, like mattresses
  • Office appliances, such as high-speed printers
  • Items made of metal, wicker, wood, or other natural materials
  • Media (DVDs, records, videos, etc.)
  • Wine
  • Makeup and toiletries
  • Coin, stamps, comic books, and other collectibles
  • Sports equipment
  • Bicycles having leather seats
  • Classic Cars
  • Magazines and Books, particularly those that are rare
  • Medication and medical supplies


The items illustrated above are simply a few objects that will extensively support inner climate-controlled storage units. It’s promising to talk with the storage faculty operator from whom you are renting to know which of your belongings require climate control. Eventually, your primary motive is to keep your commodities secure and in good condition. Whether you should go for regular storing or climate-controlled storing, it all depends on your planning to store. Read more about MissQGemini.

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