When to use Oven Toaster Grill and Microwave Oven

You need to know what differentiates an oven toaster grill from a microwave oven and how to use them for preparing your favourite dishes.

Oven toaster grills are stunning and can be used for making different kinds of dishes. Microwave ovens are also good but cannot be used like an oven toaster grill to make various dishes. Microwave ovens are mainly used for making cakes, popcorn, tea, coffee and reheating leftover food. Oven toaster grills are so underrated that most of them still don’t know their purpose and use. You can make the finest cakes, pizzas, bagels, rolls and pastries in an oven toaster grill.

Here we’ll discuss some of the main differences between the best oven toaster grill and the best microwave oven so that you will know which appliance to use for making a particular dish that you like the most. There are also some instances in which you cannot compare them as both the appliances are different. Here are the main differences between the two appliances.

The working of both the appliances

Oven toaster grills and microwave ovens cook food differently. The oven toaster grill uses a heating element for heating the food and makes it appear brown and crispy from the outside and fluffy and soft inside. This process takes more time. On the other hand, the microwave oven uses microwaves to heat the oven’s cavity and the water molecules in the food. Thus the time taken for cooking is less in a microwave oven.

Browning and Crisping

Oven toaster grill is a clear winner when it comes to browning and crisping the food. The browning and crisping of food can only be done on an oven toaster grill as it comes with heating elements. Microwave ovens cannot accomplish the task of browning and crisping like an OTG.

These tasks are important when preparing foods like bread and pizza. Microwave ovens will make your bread and pizza hard, so an oven toaster grill is perfect to accomplish this task. An oven toaster grill is capable of making the finest pizza with the perfect crust.

Cooking and Reheating

You can bake potatoes and heat frozen foods in both microwave oven and OTG oven. However, a toaster oven is a better choice for making cheesy food. The temperature can be easily controlled in an oven toaster grill, and you have the choice of setting the right temperature for making the perfect dish. You can also place the racks according to your choice for cooking and reheating the food. Most of the microwave ovens have limited temperature choices but can cook food faster than an OTG oven and have a risk of dehydrating dish.

It is really tough to compare the difference between an oven toaster grill and a microwave oven, as in some cases, you can only use an oven toaster or a microwave oven. For instance, it is not possible to make popcorn in an OTG oven. Both the appliances are great at cooking. But which appliance would you need depends upon your requirement.

So while bringing home the microwave oven or oven toaster grill, keep these points in mind, so you will know which one you will need for your kitchen. You can also read more about the best OTG oven in India at to make the right decision while buying one that fulfils your kitchen requirements.

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