What to Do If Your Chosen Moving Date Is Unavailable?

People shift their homes across the city, even across the states for various reasons. When you shift homes, you must carry all your possessions from one place to another and for that, you must hire a reputed packers and movers company. It is extremely important to book the packers and movers several months before the desired date of relocation. Almost all the renowned movers get bookings throughout the year and as the Arlington Movers Virginia website noted have a limited supply of hauling trucks, you may discover that your preferred service provider is already booked for the day you wish to move your belongings.

2021 is a hectic year due to the continuation of the Covid 19 pandemic. It is understandable if you forgot to book the moving company early as you were busy with other issues of relocating to a new city. However, a DIY move is never advisable. First of all, you don’t have the manpower to carry the heavy objects from one place to another, your sedan won’t be able to accommodate a king-size bed or a large recliner, and you don’t have the expertise to pack and unpack the costly yet fragile decorative items.

So, you need professional assistance from a movers and packers company but you can’t find any vacant spot because your desired date is already booked by others! What can you do? Let’s find out the answer.

Set a Closing Date That Suits Your Need

In case you are selling your house as you are moving to a new city, you should talk to the realtor and request him to push back the closing date. Talk to the guy who is buying your present home and explain the situation. He will probably understand and may take possession of the property one or two weeks later as a courtesy. Meanwhile, you can search for the moving companies available in the coming 7 or 14 days.

Rent Back the Property

Some people buy houses for business purposes. The new owner of your house may have purchased your beachside property to rent it throughout the year. In that case, you can tell him that instead of searching for a new tenant, he can rent you the property and you will leave as soon as you find the best long distance movers to pack and move your items. One or two-month-long rent won’t cost you much and also you will not lose the comfort of your home immediately.

Short Term Apartment Lease

This is a tricky issue because when you already stay in a rented property and have given the notice mentioning the date when you will vacate the apartment, the landlord may not agree to let you stay any longer. He may have already found a new tenant! Besides, you wish to stay only until you get a booking from the moving company. Nobody wants to lease an apartment for 2-3 months or even less. The technique to convince your landlord is to emotionally express your critical situation and highlight how well-mannered a tenant you have been all these years.

Request for Alternative Work Schedule

Some people shift their home just because they have got promotions or the employer asked them to handle the operations at the new office. Thanks to the progress of technology, it is now not mandatory to go to the office to take care of the office work. Hence, you can request the HR at your office to delay your joining date at the new office. Until you find a packers and movers company, you will work from home. Considering the present situation, the employer or HR may allow you the flexibility.

How Can You Ensure Your Chosen Date Is Available?

As you know, Covid 19 restrictions affected every company out there and moving companies are no exception. Every company is working with a restricted number of employees on the field to maintain the safety of both the workforce and the client. So, you must book the movers at least 2 or 3 months earlier to make sure that there will be no delay in your household item relocation.


Always hire a professional and reputed packers and movers company to ensure the complete safety of your valuable possessions. You should discuss the insurance and payment terms. The movers should be responsible to repay you in case of any damage to your items. They should pack, load, unload, and unpack the items for the fees mentioned in the contract. Ask the service provider whether the workforce is vaccinated or not. In case of any delay in transportation, due to traffic or climate issues, will they compensate you for the lost time? These small but important questions will help you clear all your doubts before paying the advance amount to the packers and movers company.

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