What to Consider when buying a Vacuum Cleaner in Kenya

Do you feel overwhelmed by daily cleaning chores and consider buying a vacuum cleaner? Here is everything you need to know when purchasing one.

A vacuum cleaner is an electric gadget used to clean floors or surfaces through the suction of dirt and dust. It is a very useful appliance that saves energy and time either at home or the workplace. Vacuum cleaners are of many types and sizes depending on where you want to use them, and Kenya is one of the largest commercial hubs hence a big market for this product.

Features of a vacuum cleaner

It has a variety of features, which are important to consider before buying:

Suction power is the most important since it determines how fast your vacuum cleaner will be. It is measured in Pascal (Pa), a measurement of pressure. A strong suction power means the difference between the normal atmospheric pressure and the internal pressure of a vacuum cleaner is greater.

Filtration system – a good filtration system ensures that dirt and debris do not get out after being filtered and traps 99.9% of particles.

Weight – if you are considering buying a cordless vacuum cleaner, weight should be your top list factor since you are supposed to perform all the work with your hands and don’t want to risk straining your arms therefore ensure you get the one you are comfortable with.

Accessories – have various accessories which simplify the whole cleaning experience and are supposed to be adjusted depending on the surface.

  • The crevice tool; since it’s thin it enters the tight spots such as corners, vents, or between sofa cushions.
  • The dusting brush that is round with long bristles sweeps bookcases, windowsills, lampshades, etc.
  • Floor brush; is used to clean floors and it comes in two types, hardwood and tiles.
  • Upholstery brush; has long and brittle bristles for cleaning carpets and furniture.
  • The vacuum brush has longer and thinner bristles for cleaning dirt, hair and dust on the fabric or floor.

Price – Vacuum cleaner price in Kenya is quite high since normally, the product is durable with many features. Considering the benefits, its price is worth it.


It is used to clean dirt and dust from surfaces such as furniture, carpets, stairs, cars, and floors.

Advantages of using a vacuum cleaner

It saves much time and energy compared to cleaning manually.

It’s easy to use since all you need is to plug into electricity and move it on the surface.

It cleans the air using its HEPA filters by removing germs, bacteria and viruses.

It removes pet hair from even the tight corners ensuring a clean home.

They come with advanced features that ensure an easy operation.

Robotic vacuum cleaners can clean your home even in your absence.


It consumes a lot of electricity, so that you will pay a higher bill.

A Vacuum cleaner is heavy, and moving it around as you clean is difficult.

It’s costly and therefore only affordable to some people.


A vacuum cleaner is one of the best inventions that make housework easier, and owning one should be everyone’s dream come true. Despite the price, its Kenyan market is widening since its benefits are too many. I would recommend it to anyone who feels overwhelmed by the pressure to maintain a tidy home while on a busy schedule.

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