What Software Developers Do for Your Company

To become successful, business organisations must strive to streamline their business operations and improve their day-to-day operations. When these two processes are improved, the organisation avoids wasting valuable resources and will save money. Likewise, streamlining business operations will enable company staff to spend more time in more important activities such as generating more customers and increasing sales.

While there are many business solutions software available in the market today, these solutions may not match the exact problems that your business has. Likewise, you may end up spending money on solutions that you may end up not using at all. It is, therefore, best to hire a software development agency to customise business software that will fit your company’s needs.

What Software Developers Do for Your Company

Most business owners are aware that software developers can create customised business solutions for their company; however, not everyone understands exactly how these developers get the job done. Therefore, it is vital to understand the different processes involved in creating a customised software solution for your company.

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Software development companies are responsible for designing and developing applications and frameworks to make business operations more effective and efficient. The main functions of software developers are to conceptualise, design, program, document, and test software solutions on specific aspects of the whole operations of a company.

While many technical processes are involved in creating a business solutions software, you can break these processes into four major phases.

Identifying the Needs of the Company. In this phase, the software development agency will work closely with business owners and managers to identify the company’s problems that will require a software solution. The software agency and the company’s management will brainstorm answers to the following questions:

  • What is the main purpose of the business software?
  • What makes this software important?
  • What features must be included in this software?
  • How will this software give added value to the company’s stakeholders, such as the employees and customers?

Software Development. After listing the needs and conceptualising what the software is all about, the developers will enter the programming and development phase. The software developers will then create the desired output, including desktop solutions, mobile applications, and other software solutions that their client company envisioned.

Testing the Software. Most software developers will implement the Agile methodology of testing the software in the development stage. This methodology requires them to develop the software into several simple phases where each phase is tested, and iterations are made based on the ongoing testing during product development.

Companies that do not follow the Agile methodology may test the final product at the end of the development phase. Software developers will use this testing phase to identify bugs and resolve them before releasing the final version of the product to their clients.

Software Turnover and Maintenance. Once the software developer and the client are satisfied with the testing and quality assurance of the product software, it is now time to turn over the software entirely to the client. However, the role of the software developer does not end there since most contracts will bind the developers to handle after-sales maintenance, which may include upgrading the software regularly and addressing future issues with it.

Software developers help your company streamline its business operations by creating software solutions that meet your company’s needs no matter which industry it belongs to. Knowing the four phases of software development will help you understand how software solutions are developed.

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