What on Earth is Triller?

Good question…

…and one that a lot of people (especially the older generation) are asking themselves.

Triller has been gaining traction and is currently working its way up on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a video-led social media platform that resembles the likes of TikTok and Instagram Reels.

With more eyes on Triller now following Donald Trump’s threat to ban TikTok before his presidency ended, it’s only going to be a matter of time before businesses and advertisers take notice of this app. Here’s what to know about it and why it’s well placed to become the next social media phenomenon.

So, What Is Triller All About?

Similar to TikTok, Triller is rooted in music. Users can film themselves singing along to songs and then use the app’s built-in tools to enhance their videos.

But, unlike TikTok, Triller is predominantly music-based and has received investments from some mainstream artists including Snoop Dogg. This makes the app an intriguing prospect for businesses and those who offer digital marketing services.

Wait, Hold On. Is Music What Binds, Yet Separates Triller and TikTok?

Triller and TikTok have similar goals and strategies but are pursuing them differently.

Triller’s focus is bridging the gap between music, viral videos and allows users to post full songs from their Spotify or Apple Music playlists. TikTok on the other hand, wants to disrupt the music industry to a certain extent with their own music streaming service.

Throughout 2020, the differences between both started to breakdown and became more apparent. Triller has insisted that it’s committed to being a music video platform, but recent updates let users share quirky videos of themselves singing and dancing which replicates TikTok’s mission of becoming an entertainment business in its own entity.

How Did Triller Come About?

Triller has been around for 2 years longer than their rival but has turned TikTok’s recent problems into an opportunity. Since then, the company has officially partnered up with some of the big entertainment names including Universal Music Group, Spotify, Sony Music, Island Records and Def Jam Recordings. Given these sorts of ties, it’s understandable why Triller and TikTok have a large crossover.

Does Triller Pose An Opportunity for Influencers?

Triller has been building a relationship with the influencer community for some time, but it’s still the early days for them compared to TikTok and Instagram. But the fact that more and more influencers are moving from TikTok to Triller shows that the appeal is growing at a steady rate. The only problem that TikTok influencer have is the worry of whether their audiences would follow them over to a different social media channel. Regardless of this, Triller is slowly growing, and we do see it as a perfect channel for influencers. It will only be a matter of time before it catches up with TikTok.

Are There Opportunities for Business and Advertisers?

TikTok pushes out its own ads business to help drive revenue, but Triller’s business model is a little different and revolves around advertisers, partnerships with record labels and allowing influencers to raise money from their followers. It’s this that will appeal to business and advertisers when building their marketing and media plans for 2021 and beyond.

There are no options to place ads on the platform, but this allows businesses to advertise via partnerships with influencers and content creators. Currently, Triller has said that their focus is to help users build their online profiles and understand how they use the app before they think about allowing businesses to place ads.

What Does The Future Hold for Triller?

At the moment, it’s pretty hard to say as time will only tell how things play out. One thing we are absolutely sure of, however, is that there’s bound to be another app like Triller come about in the next year. For now, we think everyone, and the majority of businesses should get on this social media platform and spend time engaging with users. As with all rising social media platforms, authenticity is key which is the main reason why Triller is gaining traction at a healthy rate.

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