What is Melanotan II, and how does it benefit you?

Do you know what Melanotan II is? It is a type of lab chemical that is the same as a hormone secreted in the human body. Many people will confuse Melanotan II with melatonin, but they both are very different things. Do you know that Melanotan II is beneficial for men with erectile dysfunction? Furthermore, it is also used for tanning the skin. Now many studies are going on to use Melanotan II to prevent skin cancers because of sun exposure. Here you will know where to buy Melanotan 2  and many things about Melanotan II.

How does Melanotan II work?

We have hormones in our body called “melanocyte-stimulating hormones.”  The human body secretes the hormone to darken the skin naturally. But it also works on the human brain and stimulates an erection. So men with erectile dysfunction with a shot of Melanotan II can find it effective. Therefore they can have a good life. These are the two well-known workings of Melanotan II on the human body.

What effect does Melanotan II have?

Many research types are happening in the lab to find how effective Melanotan II is on the human body. Now the researchers have found out that it offers benefits like the following.

  • It helps in the production of erection in men who have erectile dysfunction. With one shot of Melanotan II on the skin, the sexual stimulation takes place in the body.
  • With one shot under the skin, Melanotan II can tan the skin. That is why many people today have Melanotan II injected into their bodies to have glamorous tanned skin without sunbathing.

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Nevertheless, there is inadequate evidence to prove that Melanotan II can-

  • Prevent the attack of skin cancer when given a shot of the chemical.
  • Several other conditions need more evidence to prove that Melanotan II is effective on those.

Is Melanotan II safe for humans?

Melanotan II is safe as long as people use it under the care of a medical professional. Many are reaching out to professionals to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction. Today many markets sell the chemical with the names like “Melanotan” or “Melanotan-1” or “Melanotan-2”. Also, the beauty salons and gyms sell Melanotan-based products to their clients. This is because people buy it to have a better sex life and make their bodies naturally tanned. But it is not available legally for human ingestion but mostly for lab purposes.

However, you may wonder whether it is safe for you to use Melanotan II? As we saw earlier, it is safe when it is under the supervision of a medical professional. But there are some side effects of Melanotan II you have to know. Like all medications, Melanotan II has some side effects, such as stomach cramps, nausea, yawning, spontaneous erections, darkened skin, etc. Moreover, there is not any information on whether Melanotan II is safe for other conditions. Therefore you have to weigh the benefits with the side effects of Melanotan II before buying it.

What are the doses of Melanotan II?

Many kinds of researches are taking place for the following doses of Melanotan II.

  • The scientists are researching a dose of Melanotan-II 0.025 mg/kg to cure erection problems in men. They are checking whether this dose is suitable to cause erection in men.
  • With the dose of Melanotan II 0.025 mg/kg, the research takes place to tan skin.

Where to get Melanotan II?

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Mostly the Melanotan II is available for lab purposes only. For the correct usage and effectiveness of Melanotan II, the scientists are still collecting solid evidence through research.

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