What Is An IPX Network: 7 Important Things To Note For Businesses


The Internet has become an important part of our life. No matter what activities we are into, the internet is directly or indirectly related. When we talk about the internet, we know the terms data usage and the data packages, but we miss out on the most important aspect of the internet, IPX.

IPX or Internet Packet Exchange is a protocol used as a routine packet from one network to another. It is a commonly used LANon legacy NetWare LAN but was soon replaced by the TCP. Let’s understand the ipx network more clearly.

What Is An IPX Network

IPX conducts the activities from an end-to-end process. It traces, processes, and manages secure data. After being adopted by Windows, it became widely used on networks having Windows LANs.

Novell developed IPX to be a replacement for the TCP. It was introduced in the market in the 1980s and remained popular till the 1990s. As it offers a secure network for data transaction and communication, businesses adapted to it after seeing its future potential.

Important Things To Know About IPX

In connectionless communication, protocols do not need any acknowledgment for every packet that has been used in the communication. These packet acknowledgments are also known as Connection Control and should be given by the protocols over the IPX.

Despite being one of the main technologies behind the internet connection, people hardly know about it. This is why we have prepared this article to highlight a few important things about the IPX people and businesses should know.

1. How Does It Work?

IPX is a network layer, and SPX is a transparent layer. Both have a similar function and decide how data is transferred between the devices. The two networks act like a bridge that connects two different devices.

While the network is maintained, IPX does not need to send packets consistently. This is what is called being connectionless. When the connection is lost, the network pauses itself, and after the connection is reestablished, the transfer of data resumes from the time it has been paused.

2. Application Of IPX

IPX is a network that offers peer-to-peer support connectivity. IPX shares its feature of end-to-end connectivity with IP address management and connectionless network with the network addresses. Novell’s original NetWare was written for DOS. in the 1990s; this network was used for network gaming. The name of the service was Kali and was used as an emulator to allow the player’s games online.

3. Advantages

Although there are many advantages, we find the following advantages more influential and believe that these are what make IPX the best.

  • IPX was primarily designed for LAN, and hence, if used for only LAN, you can get the best results.
  • It has a larger address space: 48-bits in IV4.
  • IPX addresses incorporate the local Mac address. No boot or DHCP in IPX.

4. Disadvantages

Despite being one of its kind and offering many advantages over the other network, it is falling behind in the modern market. Here is why.

  • IPX is falling behind TCP. TCP offers better performance than IPX.
  • With IPX, you need VPNs that increase the cost of internet usage.
  • Expensive hardware requirements.

5. Socket Number

The socket number is used to select a process or application in the destination node. The presence of the socket number into the IPX network helps IPX act as a transport layer protocol.

6. Network Number

The network number addresses the IPX node which does not belong to the same network. This system is also known as the cabling system. A cabling system is a network in which data link layer protocol can be used for communication.

7. Comparison With IP

The IPX network number is conceptually identical to the IP addresses. The node has the same meaning as the bits of IP addresses. And for routing, the entries of the IPX network are similar to IP routing tables.

Final Words

IPX and IP are similar in many ways, but due to the system requirements barriers, IP is more popular than IPX. We hope that this information was helpful enough and you were able to learn something. If you need to know more about IPX, feel free to drop your queries in the comment section, we will get to you with an answer as soon as possible.

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