What Does an Electrician Do?

An electrician Bondi is considered a tradesperson that is responsible for designing, maintaining, installing, and repairing all electrical systems.  They can service the outside and inside of factories, residential homes, and businesses.

Some of the tasks that an electrician Sutherland Shire does can include:

  • Test continuity of circuits in the electrical wiring, fixtures, or equipment and test electrical systems by using various testing devices like voltmeters, or ohmmeters.
  • Connect wires to transformers, circuit breakers, and other components.
  • Inspect equipment, components, or electrical systems to identify defects, hazards, or any other need to repair or adjust in order to make sure that it is in compliance with codes.
  • Use different equipment or tools, like measuring devices, power tools, or power construction equipment.
  • Diagnose malfunctioning components, systems, or apparatus by using hand tools and test equipment so you can locate the cause of a breakdown and then correct the problem.
  • Follow blueprints or prepare sketches to determine where equipment or wires should be located to make sure that everything is in conformance to safety and building codes.

If you work as a residential electrician, many times as a licensed electrician, you will be called upon to rewire their homes, especially if it is an older property.  In older homes, the wiring can become outdated, which then becomes a safety hazard so it will need to be replaced.  The old wires can cause fires and electric shocks.  They may also have to install a new fuse box because their existing one is not up to code, and it keeps you from getting homeowner’s insurance or the fuses are outdated.

An electrician Bondi may work indoors, outdoors, or both.  In addition to the above places they might service, they may also work at construction sites wiring newly built houses.  At times the work of an electrician can be strenuous and can involve climbing ladders or crawling under the house.  They may have to stand, kneel, or stoop for long periods of time.

An electrician also risks being injured, or even killed, by electrical shocks, cuts, and falls so it is imperative that they strict safety procedures to avoid any of these happening.  Also, since they may have to work outdoors, they might have to put up with inclement weather.  There are some independent electricians who work for themselves and opt to travel to different jobs so there may be travel involved.

On average, most electricians work 40 hours a week but there are some who choose the field of emergency electrician so they would be on call 24/7 for electrical issues that cannot wait.  When an electrician works in the industrial field, such as in a factory, they may work nights or weekends.  Many factories have electricians working all shifts, whether it is one, two, or three shifts.


As you can see, an electrician Sutherland Shire can have a variety of duties but what they will be exactly will depend on the type of electrician they are.  It does require that you be trained and licensed, but it is a great field to pursue.

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