What are the Different Types of Hosting that exist?

To begin with, when you own a website, you will need a server that can store all the data and content of your website. Usually, the content of your website should be easily accessible to your visitors. Thus it becomes essential for you to hire a cheap website hosting in India that is good. Mainly to make your website user-friendly. Furthermore, when you start to look for reliable web hosting services. You will be confused with many types of web hosting services. Now, you must be cautious while choosing the exemplary hosting service for your website needs. And if you are new to all. Then the first thing you need to understand and learn the different types of web hosting services. 

Generally, you might get confused with many types of web hosting services. So, when you understand and know the different web hosting services, you can figure out the best option. Now, each web hosting service acts as a storage for your website. But they differ in the amount of disk space or storage capacity, technical knowledge requirements, control, security, speed, and reliability. As a result, when you are aware of what each type of service offers you. You can easily decide on the right web hosting services for your website development.

Hosting Types

Shared hosting

The very first and standard web hosting is shared hosting. Generally, shared hosting is the most basic type of web hosting for any website. It is next to perfect for beginners. As the name defines, you will likely be sharing the server with other websites on this server. Shared hosting is low price hosting that is it is cost-effective. And the very best choice is if you are starting your business and are at entry-level. When you go for a shared hosting plan, you must know that all the domains share the same server and resources. Such as RAM and CPU. And this is one of the reasons why these web hosting services are cost-effective for you. And this works best for many website owners as many websites don’t need the whole server. So, this can be the best choice for you if you are someone with a small business. 

If you are a beginner, this plan works best for you. Mainly because it does not need lots of technical knowledge for you to get started. Shared hosting is straightforward for you to set up. Shared hosting services are far cheaper and most cost-effective than all other web hosting services. However, in this type of web hosting, you do not have control over the performance issues of your website. And so many websites sharing the same server might slow the speed of your website. Unfortunately, making your website less reliable to your visitors.

Virtual Private Server hosting

Second, you have VPS web hosting services. VPS web hosting service is a common name for Virtual Private Server hosting. This hosting is the next step for you after shared hosting. Generally, this web hosting acts as a middle ground between a shared hosting service and a dedicated server. This web hosting is ideal for you if you want to control your website. Especially if you are someone who can’t go for a dedicated server and want to have a little more control over the resources, you can go for VPS web hosting services. Now, VPS hosting services are unique as each website on this server has its own space. However, you will share the physical server with other users.

Furthermore, it is sure that you will get a more customized storage space for your website. But you will not be able to handle all the high traffic on your website. This hosting service is best for you if you have a small to medium-sized business. In addition to that, if your website has large files such as videos and images. You must go for VPS hosting services. With these hosting services, you get a good loading speed and a user-friendly website.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a mixed version of a Virtual Private Server hosting service. But it is more cost-effective. When you go for cloud hosting services, it comes with multiple servers. Each one of them has different responsibilities. For example, if server a is having some troubles, Server b will take on the network responsibilities. This is one of the reasons why cloud hosting services are an appealing alternative to traditional web hosting services. One of the essential elements of a smooth-running website is good uptime. And cloud servers offer that for you. Generally, cloud servers have higher uptime rates. And the best part of cloud web hosting services is scalability.

Moving further, cloud web hosting services are best for you if you have medium to large business websites. Significantly if your business is increasing, you must choose cloud hosting services for your website. Usually, it is hard to predict your website traffic. And if you are planning to scale it at a steady rate. Then you must consider cloud hosting services. Last but not least, this web hosting service provides you with high security and less unexpected downtime.

Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting is the hosting service that gives you the most control of the server. This hosting is generally considered the best web hosting service for your website. This is mainly because the server that this hosting offers you belongs to you and only you. This means that you get a lot of benefits, such as faster speed and uptime for your website. With this plan, you will have full admin access. This includes the all-over control from the security of your website to the operating system. However, this is one of the most expensive web hosting services.

This type of web hosting plan is best for enterprise-level websites. That is if your website has more than 100,000 visits monthly. Then this plan is best suitable for you. Thus the type of web hosting is likely for the highest level of security for the content of websites. This plan is best for the website that has financial and personal data and to secure it.

In conclusion, this web hosting service provides you with high security, fast loading time, and good performance with high uptime.

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