5 Variations In Rubik’s Cube That You Should Know

Staying indoors has become a heartbreaking and boring task. We have nothing to do.

Housework and other ordinary tasks cannot keep our attention away from the chaos caused by the uncertain coronavirus.

As the pandemic continues and staying at home becomes an immediate need, it becomes more and more difficult to engage and entertain yourself and your family.

At times like this, when we are overwhelmed by TV, the continued use of Netflix, and the peculiar trends on Instagram, our minds desire things that are both intellectually exciting, fascinating and entertaining.

Therefore, in order to satisfy the mind, an important task that comes to head is “The Rubik’s cube”.

Although solving a Rubik’s cube sometimes becomes mundane and boring, the stimulus that it provides to the brain is worth trying again. But, at times, we find Rubik’s cube a bit more boring than usual, and what our mind desires is a bit more variation.

This is an indication to welcome many exciting variations of Rubik’s cube that have arrived time and again.

Juts like Rubik’s Cube,  various other puzzles, have several benefits, especially during isolation. To give a few examples: it helps to keep the brain engaged and stimulated, solving puzzles / riddles is very engaging and entertaining, it keeps your mind on the edge and despite an ordinary routine sometimes increases family time, wait.

Fun, easy and quick, these puzzles are a good mood booster.

So, here are some of the most amazing variations of Rubik’s cube that are present in the market.

Have a look.


An exciting cube with a completely different physical appearance. The gear hub was developed by Oskar Van Deventer in 2009. Since then, it has become an important part of the cube puzzle series. The gear hub was originally called a warning hub because the presence of gears on the hub surface sometimes caused problems with the speed hub because your fingers were stuck in these gears. Later, with the large supply, it was named as gear hub as we know it today.

provides you with professional advice. There are two main goals in solving gear hubs. First, restore the cube to its original shape, and second, arrange the colors in a symmetrical order.


One of the most beautiful and difficult puzzles. Da Yan Gem’s puzzles have eight different types of variants in its puzzle series. Each has a different rotation style, different faces and features. Furthermore, the difficulty levels of these eight variants are also different, so you can follow the progress of solving these puzzles by switching to higher and more difficult variants. In the common opinion of many cube experts, Dayan Gems III is one of the best in the puzzle family because it has the best rotation technology and is easy to use. Dayan’s Gem Puzzle is a great addition to the Rubik’s Cube series.


Do you remember the cubes used in science fiction and action movies? Well, the cube shaped mirror is the perfect likeness to those cubes. The monotone mirror cube is a 3 * 3 cube, which is uniquely different from the traditional Rubik’s cube in every way, from solution to internal features. In addition, it is more difficult to solve than Rubik’s Cube. Interestingly, there are also many world records in the name of Mirror Cube. So this cube is worth a try, right?


In short, it is an advanced version of the Rubik’s Cube. The ghost cube in a mixed state can have any shape, but when it is presented in the form of a cube, it will be parsed. The colors of the ghost cubes are basically the same, the difference is the shape of the inner surface. The purpose of the ghost cube is to solve the puzzle and restore it to its original shape (as a whole), which is the shape of the cube. There are many variants and colors of ghost cubes to meet people’s preferences.


The snake puzzle invented by Erno Rubik is undoubtedly one of the simplest and most interesting forms of Rubik’s Cube. It can take any shape in its solution or even during stirring. Existing in different variants, the Rubik’s Cube Snake consists of twenty-four parts, and each part must be stacked on top of the other according to the algorithm to reach its solution. It has a variety of colors to choose from to meet personal preferences.

These brilliant variations will surely bring excitement to your ordinary daily life. Whether you want to kill time in long Zoom meetings or play something during school or college holidays, these puzzles are definitely the best way to pass time during isolation, and they are definitely a must.

In fact, if you give yourself a cool twisted riddle in this isolation, why not go all out, right?

Treat yourself with puzzles from Cubelelo, India’s largest online puzzle store, and deliver the best quality products to your doorstep.

Happy cubing!

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