Value of working with a recruitment CRM

Experienced recruiters, who have previously worked with a good Applicant Tracking System and a Recruitment CRM, have a solid knowledge of the value the platform brings to their work.

Recruitment software has great potential to speed up work and improve the quality of services delivered to clients. In short, the productivity and quality of a recruiter’s work are enhanced greatly after working with a recruitment CRM platform.

But how exactly does the CRM system manage to do that?

  • Automation features

The CRM software’s automation features transfers a lot of the recruiter’s burden to the software. Recruitment software can quickly accomplish what would often take a recruiter at least a few days. Take for instance CV parsing and branding. These are necessary activities at the start of each placement. But because recruiting is a specialised task that means it is important to carefully parse each candidate CV. And now think about how many CVs a recruiter has to go through. When a recruitment software steps in, it manages to complete this task in minutes and does a great job, too. This leaves the recruiter more time to focus on other jobs.

  • Cloud-based

At first glance, a cloud-based recruitment CRM might not seem like an essential product. Upon closer inspection, the many advantages of this type of recruiting system can clearly be seen. Cloud-based recruiting CRM enables recruiters to work from anywhere as long as they have access to a computer device and a broadband connection. Work does not have to be limited to the office desk. Whether it is updating a piece of candidate information after a quick phone call or sending an urgent report to the client, these tasks can be accomplished from anywhere. Cloud-based systems are beneficial as they allow users to store their data on the cloud instead of a physical computing system. Thus, recruiters who have access to cloud-based recruitment software will experience a boost in their productivity.

  • Software integrations

A recruiting tool is used every day to gain the best outcome. That is why it is important to have a software solution that allows quick and easy integrations. Recruitment CRM vendors should deliver a product that partners effectively with other recruiting tools. Social media integration is vital as everyone used social media and it is a key target point to locate potential candidates. Other recruiting tools which enable easy video calls, MS Office package, skills testing, etc., are extremely useful. Recruiters whose recruitment software vendor provides this facility will enjoy a streamlined workflow. This boosts efficiency in their work as they do not need to spend time transferring data manually.

  • Generating reports

Creating reports can be time-consuming, especially if the data is scattered in various places. Reporting is data-driven and so having easily accessible and condensed data is extremely helpful. Using recruitment CRM regularly ensures that all the information is stored correctly in one platform. This is exceedingly valuable in breaking down data when creating reports. Everything from understanding the candidate source to cost per hire to market trends can easily be obtained and presented to clients. This is useful for clients and recruitment agencies as it helps both parties understand the hiring process, the current market, and the areas for improvement.

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