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Do you want to know how to calculate price per kg to price per lb? Are you looking for a solution thanks to which you will be able to make the kg to pound price conversion quickly and without any effort? Here you are. In this article you will know the unit price calculator – the tool dedicated to $/kg to $/lb conversion.

Do you use pounds in everyday life? Are you currently in the country in which are used kilograms instead? Or maybe do you want to order something, but its price is given per kg, not per lb? In these two cases, the solution is the same – the unit price calculator.

In this article we are going to show you not only how to use the unit price calculator. What more can you find here? We have for you also a practical example, thanks to which the topic of price per kg to price per lb conversion will be clear. So, if you want to finally convert price per kg to price per lb without any troubles, keep reading.

What is the difference between price per kg and price per lb?

The main difference is that the price per kg is given per one kilogram, and the price per lb is given per one pound. We want to focus on conversion $/kg to $/lb only. What does it mean for you? The price unit is the same in both cases. Only the units of weight are different.

So as you may know, the calculations will be based on the kilogram to pounds formula. How does it exactly look? And how the unit price calculator will make the calculations? All these things you will know from the next part of the article.

How does cost per kg to cost per lb calculator work?

The unit price calculator is an online, automatized version of the physical calculator. What does it mean? You don’t need to remember any formula on your own, everything which is needed to make the cost per kg to cost per lb conversion is programmed into the unit price calculator.

The calculations made by the unit price calculator are based on the cost per kg to cost per lb formula. It looks like this:

The cost per kilogram / 2.20462262 = the cost per pound

As you can see, doing calculations like these on your own may be a little complicated because the conversion factor has many decimal places. For the unit price calculator calculations like these are just a piece of cake.

So now let’s see how the unit price calculator works in practice. Have a look at the example down below.

Imagine you want to buy some apples. The price in the grocery shop is given per kilogram – one kilogram of these apples costs 2.82$. Now you are wondering how much you will pay per one pound, not kilogram.

After entering this data in the unit price calculator, you will immediately get the result. If apples cost 2.82$ per kg, you will pay 1.28$ per lb.

Is there any easier and quicker way to make the price per kg to price per lb conversion? We don’t think so. It’s time to end with tiring calculations on your own. Just use the unit price calculator and get the result in a flash, without any effort.

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