Unique ways to label your packages with custom stickers

Packaging design can be complicated. How can you create a design that showcases the quality of your products? Can you somehow keep a personal touch while creating a professional experience?

Absolutely, and we are here to tell you how, no matter the size of your business or the industry you work in: custom stickers and labels.

Yes, stickers! Trust is, they can become your secret superpower when it comes to your product packaging. How? Read on to find out.

1. Use them to represent your brand

With custom labels, you can easily represent your brand’s personality, beliefs and values. When you go custom, it means that you are in total control. You can not only submit your own original artwork but select the ideal sticker material, shape and size for your stickers.

Each of these decisions is an opportunity to showcase a specific feature of your brand. If you want to appear fun and eccentric, use bold colors. If your brand is about sustainability, select compostable materials – the ultimate customizable branding solution.

2. Opt for a simple design

No matter what style you want to opt for, keep one thing in mind: when it comes to creating your sticker designs, less is more. By keeping your design as simple as possible, your stickers will be easy to read and understand, making them much more effective.

Now, this does not mean that we do not want you to be creative. Rather, be critical and select each element, word and design carefully. If it is just there to fill space, get rid of it. Many sticker printers even offer free online tools that can help you create a stunning design.

3. Use stand-out effects for different product lines

Stickers and labels come in a whole host of different colors and effects. Such effect materials are perfect to differentiate your product lines and create eye-catching branding.

Decide on a design and style for your standard line and then start to venture out. Do you want to create a limited edition range? Or do you aim to realize a new product line? Then get some stunning effect material and create a glitter sticker that adds some extra sparkle.

4. Try out quality seals

If you want to communicate high product quality, professionalism and ignite trust, quality seals are just for you. On paper, quality seals are stickers or labels that you apply on top of your product’s opening to indicate that the product passed quality control and has not been tampered with since.

But it does much more than that. It can show your customers that your brand cares and re-assures them of your standards. This amount of trust can boost your sales are customers are more inclined to buy from you based on that.

And now it is up to you. Are you ready to try out custom labels and transform your product? We hope so. Let us know your favorite tip in the comments below.

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