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The American fashion designer Ulla Johnson was born and raised in Manhattan. She developed a taste for style from her mother, a true fashionista. She launched her own eponymous line in 1998 and quickly became a success. Today, her designs can be seen on the feet of celebrities and are a romantic mainstay in many celebrity closets.

Arts and crafts:

Ulla Johnson’s designs are heavy on arts and crafts, with bold geometric patterns and bright colors. Her clothes are made from materials from the rug and tapestry world, and the collection for spring 2020 used ikat textiles inspired by the Seminole tribes of Florida. Her pieces are polished but playful, appealing to both men and women, and are an excellent investment for the modern wardrobe.

The New Zealand-based Ana Barbara founded her own high-end label in 2008 and has been building a global following ever since. Her passion for fashion and nature led her to work on a farm and launch her eponymous brand. Her collections use eco-friendly materials, but don’t skimp on the design. Her pieces are wildly photogenic and bold, capturing the imagination of every woman.

Unlike other high-end designers:

Ulla Johnson uses a mix of old and new fabrics to create bold designs. Her designs are full of bold colors and geometric patterns and are often woven from textiles from the rug and tapestry world. Her Resort 2020 collection uses Kat textiles and influenced by the Seminole tribes of Florida. Her designs are fun yet sophisticated, making them a top choice for the modern woman.

A New Zealand born designer, Ana Barbara grew up on a farm in rural New Zealand, where she developed a love for fashion from her mother. In 2008, she launched her eponymous label, using eco-friendly materials and never sacrificing quality. The clothing is bold, photogenic, and versatile, and her pieces are made to be photographed.

In addition to her eponymous label:

Ulla Johnson’s designs are infused with art and craft. Her collections are heavily influenced by her mother and her passion for fashion. The designer has a knack for blending worldly influences with modern sensibilities. Her spring 2020 collection incorporated Kat textiles, while her Resort 2020 collection was inspired by the Seminole tribe.

Despite her young age:

She is still a young designer with a huge international following. Her eponymous label launched in 2016 in New York. The brand features eco-friendly materials but doesn’t compromise on design. The bold, photogenic pieces speak to the modern woman’s desire for a wardrobe power player. Whether she’s wearing a skirt, blouse, or dress, she will be looking her best.

The eponymous l was born in Miami. In 2008, the mother of Alexis Barbara launched her own high-end line. In her Miami-based designs, she takes her inspiration from nature and the Seminole Tribes. The brand’s pieces are colorful and photogenic, making them a wardrobe power player in the minds of women all over the world.

In the early days of her career:

Ulla Johnson’s designs were heavily inspired by arts and crafts. Her bold, colorful designs and bold geometric patterns drew inspiration from the art of textiles. She sourced her materials from a wide variety of sources, including rugs and tapestries. Her spring 2020 collection was influenced by the Seminole Tribes and included a kaleidoscope of textiles.

In Lastly:

The Rashomon series is a series of paintings that feature a forest. The paintings represent different characters and story outcomes, and their surface changes from being abstract to figurative depending on the scale. The eponymous l was a big step for Ulla, and she plans to take it to the next level. It is a dream come true for her.

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