Top Tips on How to Grow Your SEO Agency

As an owner of an SEO agency, you will be expected to succeed in your own digital marketing endeavours as well as that of your clients’. This can be a struggle, no matter how experienced you are, as the online space continues to grow and change and become increasingly competitive. These are some of the top tips for growth as a budding SEO agency, we hope you find them to be useful. One of the key aspects of SEO is on-page Bradford SEO services.

Top Tips on How to Grow Your SEO Agency

Allocate Time for Your Own Digital Marketing

If you are a hardworking SEO agency, sometimes it seems like your own digital marketing efforts take a back seat as you focus on getting results for your clients. It is important to not let this happen if you want to continue gaining new clients! Allocating some time and resources into your own marketing will ensure that you get good results (you are the experts after all) and continue to build your business and its reputation.

Decide what your approach will be and strategise with the rest of your team to make sure that somebody in your SEO agency is staying on top of it and working towards growing your success at all times.

Show Off Your Case Studies

A great way to attract more clients to your SEO agency is to display your successes for all to see. The more potential customers can get an idea of what you will do for your business, the more likely they are to hire your services.

If you detail what you have done for other clients and how this has helped them achieve success, people will have a better understanding of why they should choose you over another SEO agency. Consider putting some of your best case studies on the homepage of your website or allocating an accessible place that people can go and see them. It is important to show off how great you are as a starting seo agency!

Work On Building Client Relations

Another important aspect of growing your SEO agency is ensuring that effort is put into your dealings with your clients. You might have all the right skills to improve a business’ digital marketing campaigns, but if you are not easy to work with and responsive to feedback, your business will quickly be abandoned by clients for another.

Ensure that you remain honest, open, and trustworthy in your dealings with clients. Listen to their issues and communicate openly about what you are doing to resolve them. Offering them little bonuses here and there to reward their loyalty may also be a good idea and will improve their perception of you. If your SEO agency is enjoyable to work with, clients are likely to remain loyal to you and may even recommend your services to others.

Encourage People to Leave Reviews (Good Ones!)

The more you develop relationships with your clients, the more confident you can be in them giving you a good review. You should encourage your satisfied clients to spread the word about your SEO agency both in person and online. This will boost your reputation further and hopefully gain you some new clients if you feel that you have been stagnating for a while.

When others are browsing for an SEO agency to hire, they will usually do this online. Ask some of your most successful clients to consider leaving you a review on Google that details how beneficial you have been for their business and how ideal you are to work with. When others are searching for a company to hire, they will see these stellar recommendations and be more likely to trust you.

Branch Out into Innovative Marketing Strategies

Your SEO agency should consider branching out into new and innovative marketing strategies that you have not tried before, particularly if traditional methods are not working as effectively as you would like. Not only will this give you new opportunities to grow, it is also a great way to test new strategies that could be potentially used for your clients’ campaigns as well.

Some examples of strategies that maybe you have not utilised before include social media campaigns and advertising. Utilising new channels such as Tik Tok or YouTube might help you reach a new audience. In a similar way, traditional methods such as radio advertising are sometimes overlooked and may help you reach an audience that you have not before. Consider where you have not tried to market your SEO agency and consider trying it out.


If your SEO agency growth has been stagnating lately, consider looking into some of these methods to get yourself back on track and reaching your full potential as a business.

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