Top Strategies To Write A Really Strong Dissertation

Congratulations, graduate student. You are one step away from achieving an excellent task. The academic journey that you have started all these years nears completion. However, writing a dissertation is as challenging as you have heard. Sure, you have expertise in writing a research paper. After all, you have completed your masters’ thesis. As you might come to see, a dissertation has its manner of complexities. You have nothing to fear. We are going to give you top practical strategies on how you can write a robust dissertation. We have consulted with experts at a custom dissertation writing service to come up with this list.

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Honestly, our intention is not to scare. We are only drawing from the experience of those who have written dissertations over the years. A dissertation is a lot of work, and you cannot underestimate its demands. Admittedly there are similarities between a masters’ thesis and a dissertation. However, the differences are also apparent. A masters’ thesis is not as time-consuming as a dissertation. A dissertation can take years. Say, about 3 to 4 years or more. Other than that, the two are similar in form. This is why many students turn to dissertation writing service.

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A dissertation is like a long marathon, and It can tire you out. The reason is many students finish their coursework but not their dissertation. It is not as if these students deliberately want to feel tired by their dissertation. Only that, it can be hard concentrating on the same work for years. At this point, you have other engagements that can distract you. You likely have a family, you have a job, you are a research assistant, etc. You don’t have that much time in your hands to focus on your dissertation.

The situation isn’t hopeless. After all, keep in mind that some students have finished their dissertation in record time. If they could do it, so can you. This post contains strategies that would help you write a solid dissertation and not waste much time on it. As much as the quality of writing is essential, so is the time. Your dissertation doesn’t need to take so much. We are sure we can help you.

Top Strategies

Break your Biases

You are biased, and you think that you can’t complete your journal on time. You are pressuring yourself. Don’t. Take each step as they come. Don’t try to consume all the work at once. Space yourself. Breathe and take it easy. You will finish the thesis but don’t rush yourself. You will burn out that way. You want to attack the thesis in such a way that won’t exhaust you. At this stage, what you need is the skill and not fury.

Manage your Time Well

You have to learn this skill. Time management is key to your writing your dissertation. Set deadlines for yourself and build a writing habit for yourself. So, choose the hours that you would work on your dissertation for each day. Plan your activities well. You have to plan how you would write your dissertation proposal, defending the said proposal, etc. Also, you have to schedule your research, editing, meeting, etc. Your deadline should be weekly and have targets for each week.

Settle into your writing routine. When you settle in your writing routine, combine it with other dissertation activities. Don’t spend more than 15 to 35 hours a week researching, analyzing, writing, editing, etc. Remember, don’t bury yourself neck-deep in your dissertation and burning out. Instead, try to maintain consistency of habit. Time the hours which you would dissertate to the periods in which you are most productive. If you are a morning person, try to get as much work done in the morning. If you are an evening person, plan accordingly.

With a 15 to 35 hour weekly routine, you can get to fit the other aspects of your life around your dissertation. You can have time to discharge your responsibilities. For instance, you can be there for your kids, your wife, friends and so on. As much as you want to get involved, be careful to get distracted and sidetracked a lot. Your dissertation is your priority, and you must take care of it as soon as you can. It would be best if you finished it within a year. That way, it won’t drag on for too long.

Be organized from the get-go. Plan and store your chapters accordingly. Also, your charts and other drawings should have a folder for them. Doing this would make you access them better when you need them.

Manage Your Time Well 2: Work with your Institution

As much as you have your deadline, you have to factor in your institutions’ deadline. Sure we recommended you build a habit that would revolve around your deadline. We stand by that, but such a habit must also meet your institutions’ deadline expectations. So, you must learn the institution’s deadline for your abstract, proposal, chapters, etc. Also, you must know the deadlines for the review of your dissertation, the defense, etc.


Now you have an idea of how to manage your time. By this time, you know the hours you are going to put in each week. So, you must research. Research can be consuming. However, if you know your way, it might be less challenging.

You should know you are not required to read all the tests on your topic. Remember, you have a timeline. So, you must get only the necessary texts that will help you achieve your aim faster. Be wary of the sources you plan on using for your research. It would be best to have quality peer-reviewed journals, white papers, books, website posts, etc. You have the internet to help you. However, you have also to note that not everything on the internet is correct. However, you can use the internet to access quality journals, books, etc.

Finding the proper sources will add more academic value to your work. Thus, you need to do so. When you use the internet, be sure of the source you have gotten it for. Remember, Google Scholar is your friend. Use it to get the resources you need. However, don’t forget to visit the traditional library. Doing so would help you with getting resources and also help your creativity. The ride or walk to the library can be the distraction you need to help you get into the zone.

You must remember to note your resources also. It would be handy when you want to cite them in the body of your work.

Writing Time

You are already mentally prepared for this stage. You should have gained confidence from your research. So, you should be ready to write. Sure, you have already had quality things to write, but it must be structured. The structure will give you a path to follow. The basic structure you must abide by are as follows;

  • The Introduction

The introduction will provide a sensational reason why your reader should read your work. It informs the reader of the existing state of the topic you are writing on. Your introduction can make your dissertation enjoyable. After long hours of research, a quality introduction befits you. Apart from the background to the issue, your introduction should have a compelling research statement. The statement would help you hook the reader.

  • Literature Review.

This is an analysis of the resources you used when you were researching.

  • Research Methodology

Your methodology shows the manner and type of research you have conducted.

  • Findings

Your findings are like the body of your work. It contains details of your research. Also, this is where your brilliance is displayed. Write fluidly in this part and use it to answer the questions your research has raised.

  • Conclusions

Congratulations, you are at the end. You are tired now. You can take a break if you want to. Your conclusion summarizes your work. It is also a report of your study’s impression and how practicable your study is.

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