Top Six Most Expensive Wedding Cakes From Around The World

A wedding is a time to rejoice in the knowledge that you have found the one. On this particular day, nothing else matters other than you and your soul mate. We all have different dreams for this day, of having the perfect dream wedding! Some plan their outfit in advance, some think of an exotic location, and some dream of having the most extravagant fairy tale weddings. You must have heard of them, right? A wedding so huge that everything costs more than you can imagine, including the cake!

Yes, even the cake of those bigger-than-life weddings costs more than what some of us earn in an entire year! If you are interested to know more about them then continue reading and we will disclose the most expensive wedding cakes from around the globe. So, prepare yourself to be amazed and hold tight to your money cause, after going through the list, you may get jealous and spend it on ridiculous things (just a caution).

The Black & White Wedding Cake of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

If you are even a little bit into celebrity gossip then you must know who the Kardashians are. The wedding of the most famous Kardashian- Kim to Kris Humphries, the famous basketball player, was surely the talk of the town but what made headlines was their wedding cake. The cost of that particular wedding cake was a whopping $20,000 American dollars. In Indian currency, it roughly comes around to ₹15,000,00/-. Some people may say you can get married for that amount.

Liza Minnelli and David Gest’s Wedding Cake

Liza Minnelli is a famous Hollywood actress, singer, dancer, and choreographer, so it is obvious that when she got married to an equally rich film producer, the wedding was bound to be extra. But no one expected a full-blown 12 tier back and white cake. Garnished with red and purple edible flowers, which were the theme colors of the wedding, the cake’s cost was estimated around $40,000 American dollar, a clear double of Kim’s cake and comes up to around ₹30,000,00/-, well, you can not expect less from a ridiculously rich couple.

Cake of Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir Wedding

Gucci Mane is known for being different from the rest and that is exactly what he did when he got married. His wedding cake can be the most expensive cake in Hollywood and no one can really top him, except for maybe a prince! We certainly think that this is where the sword cake cutting trend started. The price of the Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir wedding cake is $75,000 American dollars which means around ₹57,000,00/- in Indian rupees. The cake had four huge rivers along with around eight thousand handmade edible flowers and 2500 Swarovski crystals in between the layers.

Prince William and Princess Kate’s Wedding Cake

Remember when we said that only a prince can top Gucci Mane’s wedding cake, well here is the proof! The cost of the cake of Prince William and Princess Kate’s wedding was somewhere around $80,000 US dollars. The cake was custom made for the special couple with different types of flowers to represent their union and ethnicity. Some of the flowers that adorned the cake were, the English Rose, Sugar Lily, and The Irish Shamrock. Anyhow, the cake does seem overpriced to us.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Now, no matter who you are, you can never outrun your dad, even if you are a prince. The wedding cake of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was even so much more expensive than his own son’s wedding. The cake of that particular royal wedding was just like all the other things of that event, over-the-top! The cake’s price was £56,000 which means $99,000 USD, which in Indian currency comes close to ₹74,000,00 only. The cake reportedly took around 14 weeks to be prepared and had the family symbols and was the main cake of the ceremony. Yes, there were 26 other cakes and the cost of those cakes combined may break all records.

The cake that was displayed at the National Gay Wedding Show

Though the last cake was not a wedding cake, we could not keep it out of the list for two reasons. First, we could not skip the most expensive cake in the world and second, it was somewhat a wedding cake. This cake was displayed at the national gay wedding show and costs around, hold your breath, $52 Million USD! Yes, the cake was garnished with 4000 real diamonds and is considered as the most expensive cake in the world, till now.

The list of wedding cakes that cost more than five years salary has us questioning both; weddings and jobs, but let’s not lose hope. You may not get a cake so extravagant but you can surely get same day cake delivery in Delhi through various online bakeries. So stick to the simpler joys of life, keep eating cake, and enjoy the wedding season.

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