Top 6 Custom App Development Trends in 2021

Information technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate. New technologies emerge almost every day. Keeping up-to-date with these new trends is paramount, especially in the custom app development industry.

Custom applications built using the latest technologies offer innovative functionalities, features, and processes. Leveraging the digital trends in software development can help ensure the app stays relevant and competitive in the market. These technologies guarantee versatile and user-friendly apps.

So, what are the top custom app development trends to watch out for in 2021? Here are 6 of the top application trends.

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

The increase in adoption of AR and VR technology in various industries, such as travel, healthcare, education, and retail, is highly anticipated. Likewise, the demand for AR and VR custom apps is expected to further grow. In the mobile app development sector, the release of ARKit by Apple and ARCore by Google has brought AR to the mainstream. Custom apps leveraging these trends promise better user experience and performance.


Blockchain is gaining increased attention not just in a cryptocurrency context but also as a trending technology. The Dapps development companies work on the distributed ledger technology that offers a decentralized framework that extends digital transformation, and promises groundbreaking transparency and unparalleled security. With this technology, unauthorized access and hacking of custom apps can all be a thing of the past. So taking up Blockchain training would be beneficial for developers in the software domain.

There is a growing demand for blockchain integrated apps, particularly in the financial sector such as banks, remittance services, currency exchanges, etc. According to a survey conducted by PWC, 84% of global businesses are actively involved with blockchain. Tech giants are also increasingly adopting this technology trend. Likewise, blockchain-based custom applications are expected to hit the market.

Aritifical Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Chatbots

AI and ML take custom software development to the next level. The integration of these technologies to custom apps can guarantee better functionality, improved user engagement, and superior automation.

There is also a rapid adoption of chatbots which further boosts the user-friendliness of applications, particularly mobile apps. Custom apps that are integrated with chatbots are preferred because customers can quickly get answers to their questions. Chatbot-equipped apps are particularly in-demand in certain sectors such as retail, online shopping, delivery services, and transport services.

5G Technology

As 5G technology improves this 2021 and its coverage broadens, Internet speed is expected to hit 500 Gbps or multiple times faster than its predecessor the 4G network. For the next five years, this technology is expected to connect over 1.4 billion devices worldwide.

Given the incredible speed of the 5G network, robust custom apps can be built. These are capable of handling more sophisticated functions, better designs, and other data speed-reliant features. The technology enables custom software developers to integrate compute-intensive technologies such as AI, VR, and ML. Leveraging this network to enhance the performance of applications will be a major trend.

Cloud Technology

As the world veers to cyberspace due to the global health crisis, many companies have migrated to cloud computing. In response to this sudden trend, tech giants have invested heavily in their cloud infrastructure, services, and products in 2020. This year we expect to realize the benefits of these investments.

Companies expect to use custom applications that run on cloud-based services, as well as apps that deployed in a cloud environment. Cloud technology also addresses some challenges of custom software development such as storage requirement, remote accessibility, etc. Gone are the days when apps are hosted on a device or local server. At a time when remote working has become the new norm, cloud-based custom apps that enable users to access, edit, and share their work remotely, in real-time is much-needed.

Internet of Thing (IoT)

With more than 35 billion online smart devices by 2021, we can expect the IoT to have a major impact on how custom apps are developed and used. Harnessing the information contained in each of these devices can be a critical in developing robust applications. Building better IoT apps can open endless opportunities.

We’ve never seen technology advance as much as the previous year – all due to the era-defining Covid-19 pandemic. But while we’ve already seen lots of developments, we can expect the year 2021 to be another year full of surprises in the IT sector, especially that the coronavirus still lingers. New disruptive tech trends will make major impact in custom app development. Software development companies that is ready to adapt these emerging trends 

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