Tools That You Need For Online Teaching

Online teaching has become the latest trend in these years because of the drastic change that took place in the education sector due to the lockdown. This was a challenging time for students who were accustomed to face to face teaching and are now forced to take online classes. However, this phase was as challenging for teachers as it was for the students, teachers could not find time to learn about the latest technologies and apply them to their classes. This caused a lot of disruption in the classes.

So here we are to ensure that no teacher faces such issues now. The following is a list of all the tools that a teacher can use to ensure that they smoothly run their online classes. 


This is an online tool that allows you to make presentations, concept maps, infographics, reports and many others. This application has a lot of features like graphics and picture customisation options. Furthermore, you also get to use the advanced drag and drop editor which makes creating designs super easy. However, this app creates graphics in PDF and you would need a PDF editor if you want to add something in it before your class. 


Zoom is probably the most used online video conferencing software. This app was earlier used for business meetings and conferences but nowadays it is widely used as an online classroom. Zoom also allows teachers to put a check on who enters or leaves the room and can also control if the students can unmute their mic in the middle of the class.

Moreover, zoom also has a feature called breakout rooms, where you can send students to have discussions on a topic. In addition to it, you also get to change the background during the class, so if you are sitting anywhere outside you can just switch the background. 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom has been used by teachers even before the pandemic. This app is a part of the Learning Management System of G Suite. Teachers can use this app to make lessons, and formulate quizzes for their students and can also use this for assignment submissions. This app is easy to use and teachers can also send notifications to their student’s mail for any assignment submission or tests. Moreover, this app also has a feature where teachers can send the grades of the assignment directly to the student. You can also send PDF files to your students by this portal and they can edit or add any information to it by just converting PDF to Word.  

A Web Whiteboard App

AWW App gives teachers the much-needed blackboard that they use to teach in the classrooms. On this digital board, teachers can choose to write and draw like they do in their offline classes. The AWW has recently integrated with zoom meaning you can use this software during your zoom calls.

So these were some of the finest tools that every teacher should keep in their arsenal to make their online teaching journey smooth. 

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