Tips to protect yourself from wrong prescriptions.

Wrong prescription is one of the leading causes of medical practises around. While there are various measures aimed towards checking this nemesis, it becomes increasingly difficult because it’s not just a problem created by medical doctors.

Wrong prescription can stem from medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists or other health professionals. But as you know, prevention is better than cure.

This is why I have taken time to curate a list of preventive measures you can take to avoid falling victim to a wrong prescription.

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  • Check with the physician if the medicine he has prescribed will have any adverse side effects. If any, be sure you are willing to put up with such effects before buying the drug.
  • Double-check with another medical doctor: it doesn’t hurt to speak with another physician or a specialist on whether the prescribed medicine is safe for your use.
  • Double-check the instruction for using the medicine with the medical doctor before you go ahead with purchasing the prescription.
  • Enjoin the physician to document the prescription legibly. Particularly when it comes to decimals, advise your doctor not to begin the prescribed doses with just decimals, it pays to start such decimals with Zero. .35mg may appear to be written as a 35mg dose, and this is a big deal. If possible, have someone read back the doctor’s prescription to his ears before leaving his office.
  • Before going ahead with your physician’s prescription, ask him if none of the medicine is incompatible with the medications you are currently using to treat an underlying health condition.
  • At the pharmacy be sure to check the expiry date of the prescriptions you are buying. Of course, you can sue the pharmacy if they sell you an expired drug but I’m guessing you don’t like to experience pain. So just check and verify the expiry date from the point of purchase.
  • If the pharmacy does not have any of the prescriptions from your medical doctor, do not follow their recommendation of buying something that’s similar to what you’re looking for. Always engage the audience of your doctor before going ahead with such actions.
  • If you are allergic to certain substances, inform the medical doctor so he knows not to prescribe medicine that contains such conditions in treating your medical condition.
  • If you are not convinced with your doctor’s prescription, you can find another experienced expert to help go over the prescription and be sure to discuss your fears concerning the prescription with your primary medical doctor before you take such actions.
  • If the other medical expert confirms your fears to be true and genuine. It is highly recommended you look for a new medical doctor as your primary physician.

You will be protected from falling victim to a case of wrong prescription by adhering to the above-listed measures.

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