Tips To Make the Most of Your Air Compressor and Avoid Emergency Situations

Air compressors are one of the most essential machines that most industries adopt today. These come from large to compact designs and offer you reliable and efficient power. Every industrial plant needs an air compressor unit. As a business owner, you must be aware of how to protect the air compressor unit to avoid emergency breakdowns especially when you intend to use it for a long term.

In large organisations where you have big air compressor units installed, maintenance becomes more essential as these can be highly expensive in terms of repair and replacement. In this article, we shall discuss the most important tips on air compressor maintenance to avoid any emergency scenarios. Let’s begin with the most critical at first.

How to make the most of your air compressor to avoid emergency breakdowns:

1. Follow the basics properly:

To make the equipment components run efficiently for long, you must follow the basics well. Call for a technician on regular basis to have a check on all the parts and components of your air compressor unit. Basic and regular checks can let you know if there are any leakages or rust in your air compressor. A technician brings along ultrasonic leak detectors to find the whereabouts of leakages in the unit. Other than these, basic checks also help you to tighten or fasten any loose nuts, bolts, and screws that can lead to emergency breakdowns otherwise.

2. Create optimum operation temperature:

Air compressors need environment with high-temperature. However, in rooms with higher temperatures the units can lead to fire or accidental situations. In order to balance the temperature, you need to maintain water temperature at 10 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, cooling water must not exceed 120 degree Fahrenheit. Experts have advised not to start the compressor when the cooling water is flowing. Your technician should be able to do the task for you if you are unaware of the technicalities.

3. Follow proper lubrication:

If you want your air compressor to work smoothly for long, you must also lubricate the components timely. Lubricant formulation ensures that the quality of air compressor is enjoying its lifespan longer than expected and you earn more productivity through the same. Lubricants can be bought online or from the hardware stores that deal with parts of air compressors. There are various base oils in lubricants that protect your unit from rusting and corrosion.

4. Give priority to air filter:

Air filter is one of the most critical components of air compressors. Air filters are installed to pass cool and clean air through the unit. If your air filters are not cleaned regularly, it can result in unexpected breakdowns and need for emergency repair services. Readings and regular inspections can let you know whether your air filter is working fine or if there is any issue that needs immediate attention. Efficiently working air filters help you save cost on future repair and replacements. Regular maintenance also helps in identifying the opportunity for an upgrade to improve performance and productivity.

5. Discard unwanted moisture:

Air compressors are likely to breakdown or get damaged due to unwanted moisture. Frequent air discharge from compressors lead to formation of condensation and moisture in ducting or air distribution system. You can think of installing dryers to remove unwanted moisture. Routine checks can help you dry air and balance the air pressure that is critical for air compressors to work efficiently or it can lead to emergency air compressors repair service

Maintaining industrial air compressors get easy when you tie up with the right company of professionals for regular inspections and checks.

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