Tips To Engage With Your Social Media Audience

Social media is gaining immense popularity among digital marketers as a key marketing strategy for brand growth. It has made it much easier for brands to communicate with customers. Brands can easily receive feedback, reviews, and customer grievances with the help of social media. Moreover, social media has also made it easier for brands to grow their business organically, increase their reach and create a brand image among their relevant audience. Social media gets one of the best audience engagements compared to any other marketing approach.

The number of people who use social media around the world is at a whopping 3.6 billion. The number is expected to grow by 4.41 billion by 2025. Moreover, Sproutsocial reports that as many as 57% of the people on social media follow brands to learn more about its product and services. That’s the reason more and more brands now believe in investing to buy Instagram followers and buy Instagram likes is increasing worldwide. Social media is a complicated yet powerful tool to drive brand growth.

For a brand to take advantage of social media marketing, it must first know how to engage with its social media audience. Engagement on social media helps a business to manage its reputation, gain valuable feedback and keep customers happy.

Here are some of the best ways you can engage with your social media audience:

Share Articles with Followers

Social media marketing is all about posting relevant content to keep your customers engaged and happy. Apart from posting your brand content on social media, you can also post articles and other content that your audience might find interesting. Posting relevant content on social media can help you get the engagement you are looking for in form of comments, likes, and shares. There are many platforms where this method is extensively used to gain engagement from audiences.

Some of the social media platforms are Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also share your views in form of articles with your followers on social media platforms to gain engagements. Apart from that, you can also post know-how contents, industry insight, and interesting statistics about your industry to gain engagement on social media platforms. However, make sure not to post controversial content on social media since it can make your brand unpopular.

Creating Image and Graphics to Increase Engagement

Creating image and graphics are one of the best ways to engage with your social media audience. Many businesses on social media tend to use stock images. But the obstacle here is many of these images fail to convey what the post is actually about. Additionally, customers and brands are much closer to each other than ever. Hence, they are going to know if your content is low quality. Posting for the sake of posting may backfire sometimes as customers may not be interested or even ignore your posts if it does not interest them.

Instead, try creating high-quality images and graphics for your posts yourself that relate better to your audience. Although, it may sound complicated and time-consuming to create images and graphics yourself it can boost your engagement in long run. Moreover, you can easily create high-quality and graphically compelling images with online tools like Canva for free. You can also hire a designer to create custom images and graphics that you can put up on your Instagram page to see an engagement boost for your brand.

Showing Customer Testimonials

Creating your brand page on social media platform can be difficult especially if you are a new business. The point is, not many people know you and you are yet to have a large audience that you can direct from one social platform to other. It is true with almost every business unless you are a celebrity. People find it difficult to trust new business. Trust is something that a business needs to build among its audience throughout its operation.

An established business that has already build trust among its customers might not need to show testimonials to make sales. A new brand can gain the trust of its audience by showing testimonials of its past customers. Showing testimonials can gain trust, improve engagement and make people more interested in a brand. However, make sure you don’t post testimonials too frequently.


Social media platforms are a big boon for business. It has made the brand closer to its target audiences than ever before. Social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing to drive sales, gain engagement and increase your brand reach. Showing customer testimonials to customers can be an effective way to gain the trust of your customers on social media as a new brand. Moreover, you can also share relevant content in articles and customer images to stay relevant to your audiences and increase engagement.

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