Tips For Buying Art Deco Emerald Earrings

Emerald earrings are a great way to dress up any outfit and many people prefer to wear these earrings instead of other types of jewelry. This is because they can be made in a very wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and settings that will look great on every woman. There are also many different ways that authentic jewelers source their gemstones and there are several ways that authentic jewelers can tell if their sources are real or not. These ways are the quality of the stones, authenticity of the source and the amount of time it has taken to make the diamond or jewelry from that source. Here are some things that you should take into consideration when looking at authentic buying sources for these beautiful earrings.

Quality of the diamond 

The quality of the diamond is important because if the diamond is real then it will be able to properly cut and shape the piece of jewelry without being in an incorrect position. This is because most of the time diamonds are measured using carat which is a unit of weight. Carats are measured in milligrams so if a diamond’s carat measurement is less than ten carats then the diamond is said to be good quality. The quality of a diamond can also be determined by how many flaws it has. If the diamond has more than two flaws then it is said to be poor quality.

Value of gemstones

Antique jewelry stores can be a good source of good quality gemstones but only if the gemstone was cut well. The more imperfections on the gemstone then the older the gemstone is which means it will be more difficult to determine the value of it. This also means that the value can be much higher than a similar modern gemstone. If you are buying from an antique source then you may need to spend a lot of money to get just what you want.

Diamond earrings 

Diamond earrings can also be authentic but you have to be very careful when buying these as they are rare and hard to come by. There are only a few genuine diamond stones that can be cut to create earrings so when looking for genuine ones make sure that you know how to distinguish fake diamonds. You can do this by carefully examining the stone and also making sure that the diamond is mounted in the setting. You should look at the stone under a light as the sunlight can reveal the imperfections on the stone.

Art Deco rings 

Art Deco rings are also hard to find but you can actually buy them at certain times of the year from antique shops. You can also try and find genuine Art Deco earrings from some of the specialist online stores. These stores can provide you with an endless supply of beautiful and unique gemstones that can be used to create your perfect ring. Whether you choose the classic round cut or want to experiment with a more unique shape, you can find a set of earrings that will make an impressive fashion statement.

Final thought

If you want to buy an authentic set of Art Deco earrings then it is important to source them from a reputable and trusted jeweler such as Carus Jewellery. Look for a store that is reputable and has a good reputation. You should also check their guarantees and policies that they have to protect you in case something does happen. If you keep these tips in mind when looking for authentic gemstones you should have no problems buying gorgeous earrings at reasonable prices from one of the many authentic buying sources.


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