Hardwood flooring is always a great option to choose even though whether you are having a new home built or just want to upgrade an existing one. Hardwood is always a beautiful flooring option and it is also durable. If you are considering hardwood for your home and want to know everything about it then here you will get a lot of useful information about this flooring type. Check out this:

Let’s start with discussing the types of hardwood present: 

Solid hardwood flooring:

These can be refinished many times and these are very durable and creates the potential that lasts for decades. These are made up of a single sheet which is usually 18 to 20 mm thick. The classic appeal of this does not go out of style which makes it the perfect option to choose no matter what is the time and what is the trend out there. The only disadvantage of solid hardwood flooring is that it comes with a high price tag so if you want to install it at your home then you should be ready to pay a good amount. Some of the popular hardwood choices are oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. If you want to install it at your home consider checking Dallas flooring companies before making any deal with any company.

It comes into two types finished and unfinished. Unfinished flooring is finished after installation and requires more effort and is expensive than the finished one. While if you want a custom and unique color and shade then this is a great option. While on the other hand, prefinished comes with a few dozen of colors and these can’t be customized according to your choice. But these have the advantage that they cost less in installation. 

Engineering hardwood flooring:

These are made up of multiple thin layers of compressed wood, resin, polymer, and the upper layer of the real hardwood. These are engineered in a way that they can withstand higher humidity therefore these are often used in the basements. Though usually, it does not have the property of refinishing but these days, there are some manufacturers present who use a thicker later surface and claim that their product can be refinished one or two times.

Composite engineering hardwood:

It contains real wood on the wearable surface only. The core material of the flooring is made up of composite wood.

Steps to Install Hardwood Floors:

Measure the space:

The first thing you need to do before you start installing the hardwood floors is to measure the length and width of the room. Depending on the size of the room select the hardwood flooring option you want to go with. No matter which hardwood flooring option you choose, order at least 15-20 percent extra wood boards in case any damages take place.

Determine the method of installation:

After you’ve measured the space now is the time to decide which method you are going to adopt for installing the wooden flooring you’ve chosen. It is the thickness, broadness, type, and construction of the wooden product on which the method of installation will depend. If going with solid hardwood then it can be nailed to the wood subfloor. Whereas you can install the engineered wood flooring as a floating surface. If you’re not sure what method to undertake then you can ask the expert.

Check out for squeaky flooring:

Before you start installing the wooden boards remember to check the sub-floor. You have to make sure that the floor is free from any squeaks. If there is any then you should get your sub-floor repaired. You can screw a long drywall screw into the sub-flooring and joist from where it is squeaky. Also, provide proper cleaning to the sub-floor so that no debris can damage the wooden product.

Let the ordered flooring options acclimate:

The time when you are equipped with the flooring, don’t just take out the tools needed for installation and start installing it. You must make sure that the wooden material gets acquainted with the surroundings of your house. Just take the wooden blocks to the place the floor of which needs to be updated with the same and leave them there for few days. This step will help the moisture withstanding property of the wooden flooring product to adjust to the environmental condition of your room.

Start installing the flooring:

Begin placing out the vapor barrier paper on the floor before you start installing the wooden flooring. Vapor barrier paper will prevent the moisture to reach the wooden planks making your flooring more durable. Now is the time to place the longest and straight wooden board on the floor against the wall. Drill the pilot holes into the wooden boards going down through the sub-floor and joist with the help of nails. There is a possibility that boards in different crates slightly vary in shade. You can mix the boards from different crates and install them to create a random but attractive look.

Give finishing touches to the flooring:

Always remember that finishing touches can either enhance the look of the floor or can ruin it. Therefore, don’t try to escape from this job. There is a possibility that the wooden blocks are to be shaped to give a proper fit to the last row of the floor. After you are done with the installation of the planks in the entire space, lift the spacers and after that attach moldings. If there are any gaps then fill them up.

Now you know a lot about hardwood flooring and can choose the perfect flooring option for your home.

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